Step 6: Mount the shield

Picture of Mount the shield
Install the brackets on the mirror mounts and hold up the shield to the position you prefer.
Mark the 2 bracket holes on the shield with a Sharpie, drill and mount.

I think they look pretty clean and professional.
Windshields for my hands...nice!

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pat.roy.547710 months ago

Question: Seems like the torque of the wind would push the shield into the brake or clutch and rattle. no? I mean do you have to crank the crap down on the mirror?

marple200 (author)  pat.roy.547710 months ago
The turned-down edge on the flat bar prevents rotation.
ok, I'm giving it a go! Fingers froze this morning on the way in.
yingzhao2 years ago
Love this one. Followed the instructions in 2010 and have been very happy with the windshields ever since. My only issue is that the tightness of the bolts for the mirrors are affected which changes their position--so I may need to get better mirrors!
marple200 (author)  yingzhao2 years ago
My mirror bolts/nuts have enough play in them that this was not a problem for me.
hhrappstead2 years ago
This is a great instructional. I'll be building one of these for my V-max.

Nice Job.

Thanks for sharing.
jansc504 years ago
I have ones mounted on my C50, that cost a whole lot more, and I don't think they do a whole lot of good. It looks like these might have a bit better coverage and sure do save a whole lot of money, sure is worth a try. Thanks for the info.
jappryor4 years ago
First I want to thank you for this write up and how to, they look awsome and sure beats paying $90.00 for a pair, i am in the process of making a set for my vtx1300 just have a question, how far up did you go on your bend was it a 1" or 2" or ??? just wasn't sure how far up i should go for the bend, and thanks again for sharing your idea this helps alot. John
marple200 (author)  jappryor4 years ago
I forget exactly.
The key was/is to make a cardboard template for the plexi to refine the size for your particular bike and then you can also adjust the location of the bend.
Pearlsnaps4 years ago
Excellent write-up. This is Exactly what I had in mind for my bike. Gloves only work so much, and I ride 50 miles a day- regardless of weather... I'm thinking of using Black Lexan, and making more of a bell shape to come around the clutch and brake levers to more encompass my hands
marple200 (author)  Pearlsnaps4 years ago
I've just recently been thinking about trying a slightly different shape, as well. I'll post those if I do.
veodoble5 years ago
 Smart and tidy, well done!
afordguy335 years ago
Very nicely done!  I've been looking for a par from my Stratoliner, but i may end up making my own after seeing this. Thank you for sharing your project.