'Tis the season! For those of you that dare to ride in the Winter (I don't have "winters" here in So Cal) why not spruce up your ride with a Santa Hat on your helmet? Trust me, the looks you get when you fly past someone with a Santa hat on is hilarious. Kids will point at you and get all excited, and parents will laugh at you.

Anyway, I made this one myself in about an hour! It was trial-and-error, but luckily Will had a Santa hat he bought five or six years ago that I used as a template.

It came out fantastic and I'm about to head out on a ride with it on! I think I may add some more strips of Velcro before I hit the road just to be on the safe side.

The cool thing about these is that if you make your own, you don't have to make it a red Santa hat. I saw blue, green, snowflake, and candy cane fabric to use! What about a green Santa hat with a green Matrix Ducati?!

For more videos, visit  MonicaRidesMoto.com!

Just got my first bike. If Missouri winters aren't too rough this year I may have to try this!

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