Introduction: Motorcycle Inspection Plate

I hate having inspection stickers on my bike, so I made a plate for the stickers out of aluminum. Here's what I did.

1) Measure the size of the inspection sticker. Sometimes they're the same size as the car sticker. In VA, stickers are roughly 2.75 x 3.875 inches.

2) Find a place on your bike and plan how you want the plate to hang (figure out the shape your plate will need to be).

Step 1: Fabricate

Layout your design on your aluminum stock. The stock aluminum I had was a little less than 1/8 inch thick, and came with a plastic coating on one side, so I marked up on that coating (and peeled it off after cutting).

1) Add a little space around your sticker-size for some leeway in application of the sticker. I used 3 x 4.25 inches.

2) Measure the bolt you'll hang the plate from, and mark up the hole you'll need as well.

3) Drill the hole before cutting the aluminum (easier).

4) Use a jigsaw and cut the aluminum (easier).

5) Use a rotary tool to clean up the edges (easier).

6) Where protective gear (safer...).

Step 2: Hang It on Your Bike!

With the bike in one hand and the sticker-plate in the other, use your magic and meld the two together.


Then go to the inspection station and show off your fancy new plate!



Nice! Great way to not mess up your paint job!

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