Introduction: Motorcycle Riding Facemask

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When I ride my motorcycle, I usually wear a full face helmet with a drop down face shield.

While this is really effective with keeping dust and bugs out of my face, it gets pretty hot.

I have a half helmet that I wear sometimes, but then I end up with bugs and dust. Quite the conundrum.

I have seen face masks for sale before, but I'm cheap and I really wanted something besides the standard skull mask. So as usual, I decided to make something.

As always, thanks for reading!

Step 1: Fabric

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I decided to use an old t-shirt for the material, as I have plenty of them and the stretchy, lightweight fabric will be perfect for a mask.

Step 2: Make It.

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I slit the shirts up the back.

Then I squared the materials.

At this point, I wrapped the shirt around my face to estimate size.

After determining the rough size, I trimmed the ends and cut it into a triangle shape.

After that, I simply laid the first one over the second piece of t-shirt and used it as a template.

I used a marker to draw a mouth on the first one I made, but I was pretty unhappy with it.

Time to make the next one better!

Step 3: Make It Better!

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I traced the bottom of a Guy Fawkes mask onto some plain printer paper and cut the design out with a razor blade.

I used machine washable stick stick glue to attach the template to the mask.

I had some fabric paint leftover from another project. Technically, you could use brush on paint or regular oil based spray paint.

I sprayed it and let it dry. Afterward, I removed the paper and washed it on gentle to removed the glue.

Step 4: Wear It!

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When you have a nice clean mask, put it on and fire up your bike. It ties at the back like a do-rag. Go for a ride and enjoy the non buggy/non dusty-ness of your ride, while at the same time enjoying the wind in your face!

By the way, please don't walk into a bank with this thing on........ I don't think they would appreciate it.


bhavik zure (author)2016-07-20

Impressive, very nice.

going to make one for my brother. thanks for sharing

shambuda2000 (author)bhavik zure2016-07-20


don57 (author)2016-07-19

I think most Americans would be surprised to discover the the real Guy Fawkes was not the romantic anti-hero we see in V for Vendetta. Today he would be called a religious-terrorist for his failed plot to blow up Parliament.

shambuda2000 (author)don572016-07-19

I simply chose the mask because it looked interesting. Thanks for checking out my instructable.

don57 (author)shambuda20002016-07-19

Sorry I wasn't trying to criticize your mask, it's actually a very cool project. Just an observation that the English view Guy Fawkes as a bit of a buffoon and of course burn him in effigy every November fifth, amazing what one movie can do.

shambuda2000 (author)don572016-07-20

No problem.

Jobar007 (author)don572016-07-19

His face has been chosen to represent something other than his original message though. I would conclude that due to that fact, a Guy Fawkes mask no longer represents anti-Church of England/pro-Catholic but now represents anti-oppression.

That's the case at least in 'Murica.

parisusa (author)2016-07-16

Cleverly executed! Post a photo of your wife's too (if she has one).

shambuda2000 (author)parisusa2016-07-16

Thanks! I haven't made one for her yet. I will have to find out what face she wants. I have a feeling Guy Fawkes ain't gonna cut it.

lizzybizzy217 (author)2016-07-16

Totally enter the t shirt contest!

Thanks! I will.

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