Motorcycle Single Tire Trailer





Introduction: Motorcycle Single Tire Trailer

Motorcycle Single Tire Trailer

I have seen many pre-made Single tire trailer and I thought I'd give it a try using local material

Stuff I used are :
1-  1/2" ply wood for Trailer box sides
2-  wooden card board for Box body covering
3-  1" X 1"  wooden spars for Box skeleton
4-  metal sheet same used on File Cabinets for final box cover
5-  bicycle front fork and tire
6-  Socket wrench universal adaptor
7- 1" X 1"  steel square bar
8- 2 mm steel sheet for box bottom support
9-  Motorcycle  Brake/Parking light + two turn signals
10- Bolts ,Nuts ,Wood Screws
11- bicycle shock absorber
12- My good friend Sonny



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    With all due respect, I would not attempt, or advise others to make this with the wheel you are using,

    Bicycle wheels are NOT engineered to rotate at highway speeds!

    Same goes for the tires/tyres.

    Bicycle wheels are notoriously neglected, and are frequently found to have little to no grease in the bearings.

    What size universal (socket) joint? Avoid cheap Chinese u-joints. Use Snap-on, Craftsman, etc.

    Again, bicycle parts are NOT meant for sustained high speed use!

    I appreciate your concerns ,
    Your are correct ,
    this was not my first choice , this is why I made the wheel fork holder separate than the rest of the frame in order to replace the whole Fork/ Wheel assembly when a better/bigger wheel available ,I actually rushed completing the project just for the sake of seeing it in action ,I admit that more adjustments are required..

    Thanks again