When I purchased my motorcycle, I was stuck with this really ugly dealer plate that really made the plate look out of place. So I decided to make my own. With a piece of anodized aluminum and my most favorite tool here in Techshop, the laser cutter!!

Step 1: Ugly Plate

So here's what the original dealer plate looked like. Yuck!!
What state are you in? I've never heard of going more than a couple days without plates. In WI the DMV gives you temporary paper plates immediately.
Nice work, but I'm a tad lost - if you don't have to show you actual rear license plate, why not just remove the entire thing? Does your motorcycle not require a real license plate?
Well, this is just for the time being right before DMV issues you a real license plate. It could take up to several months before receiving the plate and now you have to sport an ugly dealer plate. So this is just sort of a place holder and a way for you to have something much better than a dealer plate.
Ah, I understand. Thanks for explaining.

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