Picture of Motorcycle custom plates
When I purchased my motorcycle, I was stuck with this really ugly dealer plate that really made the plate look out of place. So I decided to make my own. With a piece of anodized aluminum and my most favorite tool here in Techshop, the laser cutter!!
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Step 1: Ugly plate

Picture of Ugly plate
So here's what the original dealer plate looked like. Yuck!!

Step 2: Time to design

Picture of Time to design
For something like this, I simply used Corel draw.

Step 3: Laser Etch

Picture of Laser Etch
Let me tell you, I love to laser etch! Here is our piece of aluminum being etched with our custom plate design.

After the etch, I put the license plate frame on top just to see the fit.

Step 4: Cut to size

Picture of Cut to size
Another great thing about Techshop is besides the lasers, they also have great sheet metal tools. Let's go ahead and cut this piece with the power shear. This tool cuts real easy with great results.

Step 5: Drilling

Picture of Drilling
Once cut on the shear, I once again put the frame on the plate just to see if it fits perfectly. Once you're finished with that, put some painters tape on the front of the plate. I did this for two reasons, to protect it from random scratches and to have a surface to mark my holes.

I used a center punch prior to using the drill press just to make things a bit easier.

Step 6:

Picture of
and now we're done. Go ahead and make your own custom design.

**Please check your local laws**
What state are you in? I've never heard of going more than a couple days without plates. In WI the DMV gives you temporary paper plates immediately.
noahw2 years ago
Nice work, but I'm a tad lost - if you don't have to show you actual rear license plate, why not just remove the entire thing? Does your motorcycle not require a real license plate?
jumb5150 (author)  noahw2 years ago
Well, this is just for the time being right before DMV issues you a real license plate. It could take up to several months before receiving the plate and now you have to sport an ugly dealer plate. So this is just sort of a place holder and a way for you to have something much better than a dealer plate.
noahw jumb51502 years ago
Ah, I understand. Thanks for explaining.