Motorcycle Hand Deflectors





Introduction: Motorcycle Hand Deflectors

This was inspired by several Instructables I have seen in here ,Thanks to all who made this an easy job .

What I used

1- Plexiglass sheet
2- Heat Gun
3-  2mm Steel Sheet
4- Bolts ,Nuts ,Washers
5- Old bicycle Inner tube ( to use as a cushion )




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Hi, i love this design.
I want to make similar windbreakers for my moped for the upcoming winter.
I was wondering if these breakers take the wind out good enough to be able to ride in cold-weather conditions.
I mean, temperatures way below zero degrees celsius.
Last year i made some out of old hard foam plates and duct-tape.
They looked like crap, but did the job great. Now i want something more permanent that also looks a bit nicer than what i had.

These deflectors worked just fine in hi speed,

It maybe safe to say that it doesn't yet real cold here where I am but we have huge sand storms and the deflectors were a very good protection .

Thanks for your comments and feel free to ask anytime

Nice design!

Vinegar is a good choice to clean plexiglass, acrylic, glass, etc.

do I use it uncut ..?

Yes, I used always pure vinegar to clean the acrylic windshield of my scooter Iso 150 cc, in 1970. Maybe a good glass cleaner do the same, but vinegar there is in all kitchens and is cheaper.

Ok great ,Thanks again

Thanks Vicesat
You are absolutly right ,I already explained this in my introduction that this was done several times in this web and I did it because I needed it .
and it is fun.

Very cool, very clean

But i think i see this before in this web