Step 9: Enjoy!!!

Remove the bike off the stand and enjoy your ride.
<p>Your tutorial is great! I haven't had my bike for too long, and am <br>just getting ready to change its oil (before I had it changed by the shop I bought it from). I was wondering, is it necessary <br>to change the oil filter every time you change the oil? I saw another <br>tutorial where the person did the same thing (replaced both). Does the <br>oil filter need replacement as often as the oil? Thanks!</p>
Also, if you change your own oil and have not heard this before you should note that used motor oil may cause skin cancer if repeatedly left in contact with the skin for prolonged periods. This is unlikely unless you handle used oil daily, but you should still wash any used oil off your skin as soon after handling as possible.
Don't take this rude please...How come you didn't torque the oil drain plug or the filter to specs? Or are there specs in the manual for this type of maintenance?
Oh and btw sweet bike mang
Thanks man
Not at all bert. That is an excellent point. I wanted to make this instructable as a &quot;general&quot; way to change an oil on a motorcycle. I did not mention any torque specs for a couple of reasons. The main reason, is each motorcycle torque spec is different. I don't want someone over torquing their oil drain plug. Second, there was really no torque spec on the oil filter. General rule of thumb is oil filter should be hand tighten. The nut head is nice for easy removal.

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