Motorcycle Panniers From Disposable Plastic Container





Introduction: Motorcycle Panniers From Disposable Plastic Container

I like to travel on my bike, but bike luggage is so expensive I decided to make my own with some disposable plastic containers I got.

They are very light, only 1,15kg (2,5lb) water resistant and the best part is I spent only a few bucks on them.

Step 1: Getting the Containers and Getting Them Ready

I got these containers for free from my work, they used to have some food additives inside and were really dirty.

These are 20L containers and we need 2 for each case, so get 4 of them.

After washing them I cut them with a box cutter knife, it was really easy, following the wedge on the side, one container is the case and the other will be the top. The handle part of the container is discarded.

Step 2: Paint It Black

I spray painted them flat black becouse they look cool. You can use whatever color you want.

Regular spray paint scratches off very easy from plastic, so you need to use plastic primer before painting or use a special paint for plastic.

I didn`t so you'll se a few scratches in the next pictures.

I bought a can of Rust Oleum plain for plastic after this, but I will use it when the scratches on the regular paint start to get nasty

Step 3: Hinges, Locks and Handle

After the paint dries I riveted two hingles and a lock on each case.

And a handle on the top, so you can carry them when you dettach them from your bike.

Thay are starting to look like suitcases now, right?

Step 4: Attaching to the Bike

I have a DIY rack that I copied from the Wolpack Enduro racks, so I`m gonan need something to attach the cases to them

On the back of each case I bolted 4 pipe straps, I bent the bottom two so I don`t need to unscrew the to lock on the rack. for the two on the top I used wingnuts so I can screw and unscrew them without special tools

Step 5: Get on the Bike and Ride!!!!

Final step, load the cases, attach them to the bike and ride into the sunset.

Braaaap braaap!!!!



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    These look awesome. do you have any instructions or help for the racks you made?

    2 replies

    Thanks, but I did not make the racks, these were made in a welding shop by some guy I know.
    I wanted to make them just like the wolfman enduro racks, you can google some images for them. I'm sorry I can not give you any more help, if there's anything else I can help you with don't hesitate to ask

    thanks for letting me know! ill let you know if I have any questions

    really nice job. do the lids overlap the bases to kinda seal?

    1 reply

    Yes, they overlap about 1 inch.
    Thanks for asking

    Here they are on a trip to Steffen Lake. They performed really nice.

    2015-04-02 17.25.28.jpg

    Great, let me see some pics after you make them

    Those look real nice! I wonder if i could do the same with my old kitty litter containers

    great idea and great job. love the look of them. Thanks for sharing.

    Looks great, but I've to buy a bike first.

    Well done, my wife has a KZ750 these would be helpful on.

    1 reply

    Thanks, post some pics and let me know if you build them

    This looks amazing! I love how well it matches your bike!

    1 reply

    Thanks, you can't go wrong with flat black on a bike