Looking at other pannier options, I decided to build my own. I made these in an afternoon and think they turned out great. Welding skills were required. I used existing mounting points. I painted them with WINZER high solids paint. The Ammo boxes cost $10.00 each the steel I had from another project.

Step 1: They are mounted on the bike in this shot.

They where built to hold big bullets so they are water tight.  I would like them to be a little bigger but they are great otherwise.
dlindahl1 year ago

I know its been two years, but do you have the lengths of each piece? Or anywhere I can find them. I guess the square is 12 inches because the mounting holes on the ammo cans are 11.25 inches apart. Do you know how long each of the "arm" things are?

josh3 years ago
can you build some for my bike?
doc03333 years ago
I'd like to know where you sourced the ammo cans and how you mounted them to the rack.
Beemer007 (author)  doc03333 years ago
I found them at the Medowin Tall Grass Pararie office. It's at highway I-80 and 55 Jouliet, Ill. But I've seen them on the web too.
Beemer007 (author) 3 years ago
This was my first try at posting a project.
Thanks for the comments.
crapflinger3 years ago
the pictures are nice, but you need more instructions.