Looking at other pannier options, I decided to build my own. I made these in an afternoon and think they turned out great. Welding skills were required. I used existing mounting points. I painted them with WINZER high solids paint. The Ammo boxes cost $10.00 each the steel I had from another project.

Step 1: They Are Mounted on the Bike in This Shot.

They where built to hold big bullets so they are water tight.  I would like them to be a little bigger but they are great otherwise.
<p>I know its been two years, but do you have the lengths of each piece? Or anywhere I can find them. I guess the square is 12 inches because the mounting holes on the ammo cans are 11.25 inches apart. Do you know how long each of the &quot;arm&quot; things are?</p>
can you build some for my bike?<br>
I'd like to know where you sourced the ammo cans and how you mounted them to the rack.
I found them at the Medowin Tall Grass Pararie office. It's at highway I-80 and 55 Jouliet, Ill. But I've seen them on the web too.
This was my first try at posting a project. <br>Thanks for the comments.
the pictures are nice, but you need more instructions.

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