Motorized Bicycle Centrifugal Clutch Install

I have been building motorized bicycles for about 1 1/2 years now, and made about 15 of them so far.  Mostly beach cruisers with a few mountain bikes, and more recently a chopper and my most current and favorite...a chopper spoiler.  Finally a chance to post an intructable about how to install a centrifugal clutch.  There is one site available online that has something similar (, and I will use some of there help and maybe even pics, but I will incorporate more pics of my own and further detail for everyone's questions about a cent. clutch and/or pull start

Tools You Will Need:
Flat-head Screwdriver
Phillips Screwdriver
Allen wrench (To lock gears from turning)
Ratchet with 13mm Socket
Gear/Clutch Puller

madwheels37 (author) 3 years ago
Fixed it
mdog933 years ago
this has no title
vishalapr3 years ago
Cool!!!!!!!! This is awesome!
jsilva381 year ago
Do i need to install a centrifigural clutch if im intalling a pull start
madwheels37 (author)  jsilva3811 months ago
No, but you Do need to install a pull start if you are installing a centrifugal clutch. Just be sure to engage the clutch of course.
joshikins1 year ago
Bought the clutch yesterday but it didn't come with a puller. Thanks to your guide I noticed that before it got here and made sure to order one :D I'll check back in here after the install.
This is a fantastic motorized bicycle. I've always wondered about centrifugal clutches, another mystery solved! Thanks!