Motorized Bicycle Centrifugal Clutch Install





Introduction: Motorized Bicycle Centrifugal Clutch Install

I have been building motorized bicycles for about 1 1/2 years now, and made about 15 of them so far.  Mostly beach cruisers with a few mountain bikes, and more recently a chopper and my most current and favorite...a chopper spoiler.  Finally a chance to post an intructable about how to install a centrifugal clutch.  There is one site available online that has something similar (, and I will use some of there help and maybe even pics, but I will incorporate more pics of my own and further detail for everyone's questions about a cent. clutch and/or pull start

Tools You Will Need:
Flat-head Screwdriver
Phillips Screwdriver
Allen wrench (To lock gears from turning)
Ratchet with 13mm Socket
Gear/Clutch Puller



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this has no title

Cool!!!!!!!! This is awesome!

Hope everything works out for you. I recommend changing the stock pull rope and be careful with the spring. But very nice to have, cent. Clutch. No more squeezing clutch and pedaling before take off. Thanks too. Friend spent bout $1200 on that. Sold for $600. I was happy. Got good use.

Do you need to install the pull start? Can't I just install the centrifugal clutch and not the pull start? Can't I just pop the clutch to get it started? I got the centrifugal clutch on hand and not the pull start.

Yes you do need to install the pull start in order to operate the the clutch. I have read differently, but not true. Now your crankshaft is freely spinning because you took out your clutch pad, the one thing that grabs your shaft with the chain on the other side. When you squeeze the clutch lever it pushes your clutch pad out, away from the crnk. Once you replace with centrifugal you no longer need clutch lever of course cause it all operates by centrifugal force. are free spinning until something can turn the motor. The pull start. Pedalling fast will make your chain move and move your drive shaft, but i promise you not fast enough to move clutch weights.

I got it thanks, by the way that bike you build is bad***.. Sweet!!!

Do i need to install a centrifigural clutch if im intalling a pull start

No, but you Do need to install a pull start if you are installing a centrifugal clutch. Just be sure to engage the clutch of course.

Bought the clutch yesterday but it didn't come with a puller. Thanks to your guide I noticed that before it got here and made sure to order one :D I'll check back in here after the install.