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Introduction: Motorized Bicycles

Here are some of many Bikes i build over the long winter.
Thank you for looking.



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    love the pipe......more info!!!! did you buy it or build it?

    I always like experimenting with bikes. I don't have a regular homemade motor bike like this, but I do have an electric bike. I am also working on this gear idea called The Gearcycle. Ever tried a recumbent bike?

    Hey man, great build! What expansion chamber are you using? Is it the SBP one?

    Hi !, I think this is really "COOL" and this just fit into my situation. I lost my license do to tickets and i need a way to get around and this would just the thing for me. My dad has alot of lawn motors lying around and i would like to do this. Can you help me "PLEASE".

    the steering dampner of a motorbike is a nice touch, heck my motorbike does not have one lol

    Totally Sick machines!!!! Awesome job! It would be awesome if you could tag the pics with the special info for each shot, such as engine, carb, and such. Its easier than writing a full instructable. And, is that a Nitrous system?

    thanks for adding this love my motorized bike and was looking for a good instructable to show others how to do it...yellow paint amazing

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    Thank you

    Thank you for your comment
    I would like to add more text to this bike build but i don't like to type :)

    Thank you.
    ride on yoy dude

    Very nice with the tank and paint and everything. Those are my favorites, but what is the tank made out of? How did you do it? Also what is that piece connected to the frame and extends out to the handlebars?

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    The tank was welded from 2 inch Al tubing
    This is a Steering damper
    These are used to absorb vibration mostly on motorcycles
    Thank you

    Steering dampener!

    Its a modified 66 cc 2 stroke with 24 mm mikuni , Over 12 to 1 compression,
    bike goes over 65 mph ( checked with GPS )

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    you must have really modded that thing like crazy to get 12-1. i have one and the ports are not good at all stock. what kind od dremmel bit do i need to smooth out the intake ports? they are at a weird angle

    what kind of tires do you have to take that speed ?????


    is that a pocket bike motor? and how did you mount that?

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    Hi there
    The engine was bought as a kit on e bay . The engine had a universal mount but they do not fit most bikes very well. For every bike i build i also fabricate a new engine mount on my milling machine for best fit.
    The engine has been modified by me for speed :)