Introduction: Motorized CAMERA Dolly

Picture of Motorized CAMERA Dolly

This project started out as a hand moved camera dolly, but it evolved into a motorized dolly.

Step 1: VIDEO

Step 2: Aluminium Pieces

Picture of Aluminium Pieces

Step 3: Cutting the Pieces to Shape

Picture of Cutting the Pieces to Shape

I cut my raw aluminium plates into these shapes.

Step 4: Additional Pieces

Picture of Additional Pieces

After i finished cutting and refining the pieces, I was ready to assemble the base of the dolly.

Step 5: The Final Form of the Base (without the Motor)

Picture of The Final Form of the Base (without the Motor)

After I assembled the base, I've cut off the top part of a selfie stick and attached to the top.

Video of the first steps :


lingib (author)2017-12-16

Brilliant ... thank you for sharing :)

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