Step 7: Other Bits and Pieces


Cut chain to size, I did not have a chain break but did have a joiner link so I got away with using and angle grinder to grind the head of the pin off and rejoining it with the joining link.


Chain is run over sprockets and joined, using spanners, fine tune the alignment by moving the sprocket over to straighten the path of the chain

Chain Tensioner

A basic bike chain tensioner was welded in alignment with the chain and can be slid up and down to ajust chain tension.


Exhaust was bought online and developed more power and sounded a LOT better

Fuel Tank

The fuel tank in the picture is a drink bottle which I do not recommend as it is not rated for fuel.

It has since been changed to a lawnmower tank I got for free from a mower shop

Throttle Control

I used a standard throttle cable hooked up to a brake lever on the right hand side of the handlebars. I found this better than twist throttle due to the amount of turning you do and how this affects the throttle.