Motorized Fidget Spinner




Introduction: Motorized Fidget Spinner

Not a great video! but it shows what is inside the Fidget spinner and shows what will happen when we join this spinner to DC motor that's it.

Step 1: What Is Inside Fidget Spinner?

I don't know the exact name of these components inside the fidget spinner B-/

In center of this spinner there is mini ball bearings and three dummy metal weight on three edges.

with out these weight material fidget dosn't spin at least three times, that's what i came to know.

Step 2: DC Motor Nothing Else.

Just joined 12V 1000 RPM DC motor shaft in middle of ball bearing. Nothing done great!

But its awesome to see the spin.



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sweet i am totally planing on ding this but i was thinking about useing sone of those small motors and gears to make it a bit smaller