Picture of Motorized Halloween Ring

This is a 3d printed motorized halloween ring.  A LED in the mouth rotates while the eyes glow.


Jameco Part no. 2128219   Motor
3 led's
1 2032 battery
1 2016 battery
Metal duct tape
3d printed parts--files available at:

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Step 1:

Picture of
Print the hollow back shell.

Step 2:

Picture of
Print the face.  Note the depression in the back of the face for the motor.

Step 3:

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Print the ring/holder.

Step 4:

Picture of
Print the battery holder and push it onto the motor shaft.

Step 5:

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Glue (superglue) the ring to the hollow shell.  Leave space for the tape that will join the halves together.

Step 6:

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Attach a small led to the 2016 battery using the metal tape.

Step 7:

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Solder wire wrap wires to the motor terminals.

Step 8:

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Tape the led/battery assembly to the motor assembly.  The led is on, so battery drain has begun.

Step 9:

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Place the motor/led assembly into the face.

Step 10:

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Secure the motor assembly with tape.

Step 11:

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Insert a led through one of the eye holes.

Step 12:

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Bend the short lead from the led (negative from the battery will go here).

Step 13:

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Do the same with the other eye.

Step 14:

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Connect the positive (long lead) of the led's together.

Step 15:

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Attach a wire wrap wire to the led (I used blue for negative, red for positive).

Step 16:

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Put tape over the negative led leads and connect all the blue wires together.

Step 17:

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Connect a red wire to the red (long lead) wires on the led's.

Step 18:

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Place the 2032 battery in plastic.

Step 19:

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Tape the red wire to the positive side of the battery--blue to the negative.  Secure the assembly in the plastic bag.

Step 20:

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Push the plastic bag into the hollow shell--where it doesn't impede the movement of the mouth led.  Tape the halves together.

Step 21:

Picture of
Now you have a motorized lighted ring.

This will run for about two hours--but the led's on the eyes will go out in about 15 minutes.  I would suggest putting the eyes on a separate battery.
Very cute. :D I bet kids would go crazy over this!