Picture of Motorized K'nex Claw
This instructable is for a simple motorized K'nex Claw. The claw can grab most things. The instructable is to allow the reader to build the claw and improve on in it in any fashion they choose (style, strength, size, etc.) and use it for practically anything.

Here's a video demonstrating how it works.

Note: Go to the last step (step 9) of this instructable to see a video of how this claw was used. This can give you some ideas of what you can possibly do with this claw.
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Step 1: Building Materials

Picture of Building Materials
The following items are needed to make the motorized K'nex claw:
Note: All required K'nex pieces are STANDARD sizes

*Blue spacers (x10)
*Tan single connector (x7)
*Gray spacers (x4)
*Gray single connector (x20)
*Gray double connector (x5)
*Yellow BROKEN rod [2 1/8" length] (x1)
*White rod (x18)
*Green rod (x13)
*Orange double connector (x5)
*Red triple connector (x11)
*White 8-connector (x2)
*Blue rod (x8)
*Yellow rod (x11)
*Purple [3-dimensional] 4-connector(x8)
*Navy [3-dimensional] 7-connector (x2)
*Green 4- connector (x5)
*Gray small gear (x1)
*Red medium gear (x2)
*Triangular plates [see photo for reference] (x4)
*Motor pack [Battery power pack is acceptable] (x1)

For further help, look at the photo of various K'nex pieces and mouse over each piece to show how many of each is needed.

Step 2: Claw Top

Picture of Claw Top
Assemble the top of the claw and place aside for next step. See images to assemble the claw top.

Step 3: Claw Bottom

Picture of Claw Bottom
Assemble the bottom of the claw and gather the claw bottom assembly and prepare to combine the top and bottom together.

Step 4: Apparatus

Picture of Apparatus
Combine claw bottom and top together. Place aside for the next couple of steps. See images for assistance.

Step 5: Jaws

Picture of Jaws
Make 2 sets of each; the left and right sided jaws. Gather the apparatus.

Step 6: Claw Main Assembly

Picture of Claw Main Assembly
Have fun with this part. Assemble the jaws to the apparatus of the claw. Motor is optional and a manual crank can be created if desired with a rubber band if claw is to be controlled directly by hand.

Note: Make sure to calibrate the jaws so that they are symmetrical, position-wise, according to the teeth of  red medium gears.
where can you find the motor packs?
T86157 (author)  chicken joe dude24 years ago
I got mine from the "Lost Mines: Mega Masher" K'nex kit. Check if you can get those motor packs from the K'nex site a la carte or buy the Lost Mine's kit on eBay lol
do you know what the motor is called or could put some images up in your library maybe?
T86157 (author)  chicken joe dude24 years ago
I do not have the schematic book on me right now but in a couple of weeks I should be able to look it up. Have you tried looking up the other Knex Lost Mine sets? K'nex Lost Mines Power Tower, Knex Lost Mines Turbo Drill, or Knex K'NEX Lost Mines Mine Wreckers? They might be in those sets as well. Have you had any experience in soldering or electronic wiring?

I have photos of the motor from different angles if you look through this instructables with the pictures of the motor in it
ive been looking for that set and motor pack for a while now and i cant find it.
fredboekel4 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
That is the worst spelling ever.
its simple yet nice i need to make this into a full machine(not with card)board as the bin and stuff
~KGB~4 years ago
very nice!