Introduction: Motorized K'nex Tank

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This my second design of the tank. My first design looked too much like a car. This is my second instructable

Step 1: Parts

-14 white rods plus more for ammo
-3 yellow rods
-1 green rods
-2 blue rods
-6 red rods

-15 yellow connectors
-3 green connectors
-9 gray connectors
-11 red connectors
-2 white connectors
-2 orange connectors
-17 dark grey connectors
-2 tan connectors

-1 motor
-4 wheels
-1-4 tires

Step 2: Wheels and Motor

Picture of Wheels and Motor

Make the parts as shown. Set aside.

Step 3: Sides

Picture of Sides

Make 2 of the thing in the first picture and put together as shown.

Step 4: Putting the Wheels and Motor Together With the Sides.

Picture of Putting the Wheels and Motor Together With the Sides.

Attach as shown.

Step 5: Gun Turret

Picture of Gun Turret

Make the turret as shown.

Step 6: Attaching the Turret

Picture of Attaching the Turret

Attach as shown.

Step 7: Firing

Picture of Firing

Remove the yellow rod from the green connector and flip it up. Pull the orange connector back until the rip is past the space between the yellow and gray connectors. Then flip the green connector into the way of the rod so it stays in place. To fire remove the green connector from being in the way. It can fire white or blue rods. If the orange connector comes off, just reattach it.


LittleBilly (author)2016-08-23

It looks more like a car to me

DoggyDude10 (author)2016-06-30

I forgot to say that you need a rubber band, too

Linkin_J_Knex (author)2016-06-26

Nice tank! :)

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