Update: Version 2 and 3 have been built and tested and they were a huge success. Too big of a success. 3 of the gliders caught thermals and flew away, lost. That is because I used LiPO batteries with too much power and too high of discharge rate, so they powered the gliders too long. I tried making a bare bones RC airplane (building the controller circuit and receiver circuit myself) but that didn't work. I also found out that the N30 motors I used don't work with super capacitors. Too low of voltage. So I'm either going to find a better motor, or find a weaker LiPO battery, and build a better motorized glider! Check out the video demo and be sure to read the video description: MotorWing Project Video

Meanwhile, I can't delete this instructable because it had been entered in a contest and this website won't let me take it down. I am also going to make a water balloon slingshot powered 2 stage glider as soon as I can get the slingshot out of storage.

As with any new invention or DIY project, there is a lot of trial and error. That didn't stop Edison, so the troubleshooting, trial and error before making a properly working MotorWing won't stop me either.

Stay tuned!

Step 1:

where is. video or details
<p> https://youtu.be/PQVfm5Qu9j8</p>
it's flying video bt I want instructions video
<p>You would search info about propellers. It is the weakest part of your design.</p>
If the propeller is in the back of the airplane pushing instead of in the front pulling, this may make the prop more durable to crashes.
<p>That's not what he meant by &quot;weak&quot;. It's not a good propeller for moving lots of air.</p><p>Round the ends off and twist them more, or even buy a proper propeller.</p>
<p>Yes, it is as Kiteman says. The center of your propeller yields plain resistence to the advance. </p>
I've ordered a more serious propeller off of eBay, when it comes in the mail I will update the design and update the instructable, as well as upload a flight video. I'm also working on other improvements to the design. Stay tuned! :)
<p>I would write a new instructable for the updated design, then more people will see it.</p><p>Try for a longer video next time as well.</p>
<p>Does it really flies? Because with that much weigth, so small wings, and that little propulsion....... i can only imagine it flying like a brick :D</p>

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