Picture of Mount A Thermometer In Your Sleeper
In this Instructable, i will show you how to simply mount a thermometer in your sleeper. I got tired of not knowing the temperature in my sleeper, so i decided to mount a digital termometer in my sleeper, AND a standard "Mercury" thermometer in the cab of the Tractor...this is to obtain an "average" temperature of the whole Tractor.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
The materials you will need for this instructable is:

1) Thermometer
2) Paper Clips
3) Pliars or a Multi-Tool

Step 2: Preparation

Picture of Preparation
Take the paper clip, and bend as shown in the pictures. length depends completely upon how thick the material you are trying to attach to is.
Make or find a ring to connect the thermometer to the mount your making.

Step 3: Mount

Picture of Mount
You can now mount your thermometer with no problem. Take the paper clip and insert it into a hole then re-bend the tines on the other side if possible. it may take a few paperclips to securely mount. it took me 3. this is the "same" procedure as using sheetrock screw mounts.

Step 4: TADA!!!

Picture of TADA!!!
You have just successfully mounted a thermometer in your cab and/or sleeper!!