These 2 are my older versions
This is a remake of my first K'nex ball machine. I just got more pieces so I was able to majorly update it. It has a total of 6 paths, has over 7000 pieces, and stands over 6 feet tall. It started off as a Trampoline Tower and as time progressed I unknowingly transformed it into my own, then I kept on updating and revising it and now it is what you see above. It is still a work in progress and I never stop improving it. Check it out above and like it if you want. Pictures coming soon.
Nice job, I liked the fifth path and the thing on track that rolled over best! :) <br>Keep it up!
loving the thing that looks like DNA!
Thats really cool! <br>btw kairah IaC made an ible on 'the thing on track that rolled over' called the elliptica which was originally kagekumo's idea
amazing!, how long did it take to build?
It took from August to October approximately, with days that I didn't work on it though.
ok, cool
cool I bet over time you'll get better :D
Very good for only 6000 pieces!
Nice mods to the trampoline tower! :D
Hmmm, It's okay, I don't like it much.
Nice job! It looks great! I love the modifications you made to the trampoline tower.

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Bio: I am 14 years old and love building k'nex ball machines.
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