Mount Tealight


Introduction: Mount Tealight

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This was my answer to a challenge put out by two Youtube woodworkers (Steve Ramsey of Woodworking for Mere Mortals and Alex Harris of ThisWoodwork - go check them out!) put out a few weeks ago. The idea was to make something that represents home to you. Check out my project, enjoy, and remember to be Inspired!



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    Hey nice work Dominic I didntcrealise you were on here as well!

    I have "burned" through several refills of tealights and they have not even blackened the wood. Also, I think a chung that solid would take time to catch on fire, so unless you leave it misaligned and unattended, you should be okay either way. Thanks for watching!

    I also appreciate it when a person uses their artistic abilities to make a craft that represents something about them self. Like for example, you made a tea light holder that represents your home country. I've heard that Germany is a beautiful country!

    Soon, I'm planning to get a big block of polymer baking clay, so that I can do some clay sculpting too! I have some characters in mind that I want to sculpt. (;

    Oh, that makes sense. I didn't think about the wood being to hard to burn that quickly.

    Maybe in the near future, when I get some more tools, I can try some wood carving!