Introduction: Mount a Vise!

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Simple instructions for mounting a Vise!

Step 1: The GIG.

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So, I have a vise, that I would eventually like to use.

It's red, it's rustyish. But it works well, I think.

So I think I will mount it..... but need to use some tools to do so, as to not break anything.




Basically the tools are as follows: Drill, drill bit, i used half inch lag bolts, a half inch driver, a marker, and a table.

Step 2: Precautions.......

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We are going to be using a drill. Drill bits can and will drill through things, including body parts. Please do not do that. But if you happen to try it out, remember that I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR TESTING, or TESTING RESULTS... Also, please wear safety glasses!

With that out of the way.....

Step 3: Where Is Your Vise Going?

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So, once you know where you want to mount your vise, use a pencil or marker to mark where.

Then, please drill a hole smaller than the bolts you are using.

Step 4: Mount It Up!

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Put that there Vise into place and then hand tighten the bolts. You then use the half inch bit to tighten them down!

Step 5: All Done!

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Enjoy your mounted vise, and make some Instructables with it!


d3ath101 (author)2016-03-04

Ha! Anyone else got a rusty and red one?

shknbks made it! (author)2016-03-04

mines rusty and red too!

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