This is a small trailer I made for my mountain bike. It was made from recycled materials and some other parts that can be picked up at the hardware store for $10 or less.

Step 1: Main Body

First, get a storage bin with a lid. Then you need ply-wood. Cut the first piece of ply-wood to fit snugly inside the bin. Cut the second piece larger than the bottom of the bin. Next, make a "sandwich" of Ply-wood one, the bin, then the 2nd piece of ply wood centered on the bottom of the bin. Screw it together with screws.
Hey, this is a great instructable and is very informative. Just one thing is missing... pictures! It really helps a lot when trying to follow directions so you should consider taking some photographs. Once you do that and leave me a message when you have so that we can publish your work. Thanks! Thanks for the cool instructable and we hope to publish this soon!
usually when one turns, the bicycle leans to one side. this does not appear to take that into account. It looks like the torque would eventually damage the piece connecting the trailer to the bicycle.
You spelled "Trailers" wrong in step 4.
from the bike to the trailor
For the metal piece you can just use the front of an old bike.
what metal peice do you mean?
I think he's saying you can use a rigid fork
I just did my first couple instructables a couple weeks ago. I did a trailer that even used a bin like yours. It looks cool, I would just add some close up pictures of exactly how the hitch looks attached. Also it might be helpful to show how you mounted the blocks between the wheel and the bin. I look forward to your pictures. I am about 60% done with a long bed trailer I will be posting soon. Good job. Anything to get more time on a bike is good with me. Couchchangeracing
i just screwed a 2by4 in there. i did this so the metal wheel mounts didnt bend in. for yours, if they bend anyway try the forks on the front of a bike

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