It may look like a road from hell, but every bite is heaven

Step 1: Mountain Crust

-2cups grahams(crushed)
-1/2cup brown sugar
-1/2cup butter(melted)

-mix everything in a bowl
(Make sure everything is well incorporated)
-put the mixture in your removable cake pan
-carefully press the crust against the walls and edges until it covers the whole pan

Step 2: Blue Berry Bed Rocks(first Layer)

-1cup fresh blue berry
-1/2cup powdered sugar
-3tablespoon water

-heat the pan medium low
-put 3 tablespoon of water and 1/2cup sugar
-the time the sugar dissolves, add 1cup blue berry
-stir and carefully crush the berries until it thickens
-carefully add the jam to the bottom of the pan, on top of the crust
-freeze or cool

Step 3: Cheesy Mountain Snow

-18oz mascarpone cheese
-18oz cream cheese
-1cup sugar
-1/2cup shredded cheddar cheese
-2cups heavy cream
-1sachet powdered gelatin

-whip the 3cheeses until smooth
-add sugar and mix until smooth
-add gelatin in heavy cream and wait till set
-add the cream with gelatin into the cheese mixture and whip until fluffy thick and smooth
-add the mixture to the pan leaving little space on top and even it out
-freeze or cool

Step 4: Bloody Blue Berry Trail

-4cups blue berry
-1cup powdered sugar
-1/4cup water

-heat up the pan medium low
-add water and sugar
-add 1cup blue berry when the sugar dissolves
-stir and crush blue berries until it becomes smooth
-when the mixture is smooth add another cup of blue berry
-stir and partially crush the blue berries
-when it thickens a bit, add another cup of blue berry(don't crush it)
-gently stir
-add a little water if it becomes too thick and gently stir
-pour the jam on top of the cake and gently even it out
-scatter 1cup of fresh blue berries on top of the cake
-freeze or cool

Step 5: Carve the Bloody Mountain

remove from pan, dust with powdered sugar, slice, serve and enjoy!!
Noice! I'll have to try this.
Do you melt the cheddar cheese? That sounds intriguing. What flavor does this cake have?
I just shred it so small that it gets incorporated when i mix it. I'm not so much a fan of sweets so i target a much creamier and rich flavor and thats what it does. :) cheesy
looks amazing ! I can't wait to try it.

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