Picture of Mountain Howitzer Golf Ball Cannon
In the words of one of my Favorite American Inventors....

"One of my primary objectives is to form the tools so the tools themselves shall fashion the work and give to every part, its just proportion." - E. Whitney

Task: To create an Instructables project that is waterproof, fireproof, freeze-proof, crushproof, crash-proof, drop-proof, shock-proof, radiation-proof, slash-proof, stab-proof, bullet-proof, shark-proof, tiger-proof, toddler-proof,

and can withstand most other acts of GOD ......... Im not messing with God but I dare a tiger to try and out run this thunder stick


(1) card board box

(1) piece of ply wood 48x80

(1) all thread rod

(1) oxygen tank

(1) ball hitch matching oxygen tanks thread

(1) smooth bore thick steel tube

(1) bag of quickrete

(1) set of bike pegs

(2) wheel chair wheels

(2) 6" x 8' boards

(2) 2" x 4' boards

(2) couplers matching wheel chair bolts

(8) nuts matching all thread rod

(2) heavy duty wood bolts


sawzall with both metal and wood blades

table saw


hole cutting bits

bench drill

2 wrenches

long bits matching all thread O.D.

"L" beam as long as the oxygen tank

6" # 10 bit

wood glue

orbital sander


work bench

deck water sealent

100 lb of weight

hole saw bits



Duct tape

2x4 inch piece of flat plastic

Step 1: Prepping for Assembely

Picture of Prepping for Assembely
Materials Needed :

A. Oxygen Tank

B. Tape Measurer

C. Ply Wood

D. planks

E. 2x4s

F. Orbital Sander

1. Evacuate all air from cylinder and remove valve head.

2. Measure 22 inches from the valve base and chop end of cylinder from base of tank and set aside,

3. Measure 48 inches from end of planks and saw ends off.

4. Measure 48 inches long by 6 inches wide and cut plywood to match planks.

5. From plywood measure 18" x 22" and cut eight peices. 

6. Measure 24 inches and cut 2x4s into 2 pieces.

7. Sand, planks, 2x4s and all plywood cuts.

Foxtrot702 years ago
This reminds me of Boy Scout Summer Camp. At the main lodge for flag ceremonies, was a cannon for reports. It was a deck gun from a W W I submarine with a modified breech to fire 10 ga. shotgun blanks. We would also load a golf ball in the muzzle from time to time. Once fired you could hear the ball tearing thru the branches of the trees too! It was the highlight of the day.
bennelson2 years ago
NIIIIIICE! Great use of materials!
Bad A## little beasty. Have you fired it? How do you charge it? Videos of charging and firing would be nice.

where do i get an old oxygen tank?

What size air tank did you use?

boner-us2 years ago
Great job, what was the size tank you used.
Pat_Maroney2 years ago
Agreed. Video please!