Step 2: Marking the Side Panel

I took off the side panel - transposed the mounting points by measuring / marking from the back of the monitor onto the panel.

You'll want to be aware of how the monitor will appear once mounted. Will there be enough room for cabling, keyboards, etc.

I then center punched each mark with a nail, then drilled through the panel. If you haven't drilled through metal before (and even if you have), you'll really want to do this. Drill bits tend to move all your work piece - punching them beforehand leaves a divit in the metal surface, which will help prevent the drill bit from 'walking' while in use.
Nicely done! LOVE IT!!!
I would suggest using "fender washers". There available at any NAPA ect. the 2 most common sizes are 5/16th ID with about 3/4" OD and 1/4" ID with about 1" OD. Locate them on the inside of the case would spread the load making the attachment much stronger and probably eliminate the dimpling.
that along with a bracer plate
just some advice, I would add a bracing plate on the inside of the case for added weight support.
<strong>yea I was just wondering about the computer screen wont it get scratched and if it does any ideas on a cover of some sort</strong><br/>
I had thought of creating some sort of sleeve that might help protect the screen - with a light foam backing of sorts. The unit is a bit heavy and somewhat unwieldy to carry around tight corners, but somehow I've never hurt the screen.
yea I just thinking that because i go to lans and yea i have it in the car so yea i wouldn't want it to get scratched or nuthin
Probably plexiglass could keep it from damaging the monitor. Make a box that covers most of the monitor and that prob could do the job. But idk how strong the plexiglass would be when it bends in the middle if it was knocked hard (meaning if the plexiglass will crack easily).&nbsp;
yea<br />
I also made a handle on top of my case, but on the inside put 2 pieces of wood from side to side.
Great idea. I like the space saving attribute this brings.
Thanks! I was leery at first, but will do it with my next gaming machine in a flash...
Looks good - is the panel sufficiently cooled? I guess there's thermal transfer to the case it's bolted to and that's got some air circulation inside? Or maybe the panel doesn't need any? (not much to start with) L
Thanks! I was just a touch worried about heat - but the monitor doesn't have much venting anyways... just one row of small vents at the top. (using that machine right now) just put my fingers back there - definately some heat - not concerned though. HOWEVER - i DID add another (slot type) exhaust fan. I tilt the box back just a touch when I game, and I started getting BSOD / restarts. I suspect my video card is just on the edge of overheating, and tilting back didn't help :).
Is your card overclocked? I find that taking a side off can really help cooling sometimes. Machines can become their own little fan-ovens sometimes, so "opening the door" can be effective. And considering no one I know of fits air-filters (except me) and a lot of people have transparent sides, the "grime" aspect is somewhat irrelevant. L
Negatory - no overclocking here! It's a plain jane 6200 nvidia (yeah - old school) - this machine is on it's last upgrade leg... :)
"on it's last upgrade leg"- I know the feeling! After a new motherboard, hard drive, RAM and graphics card my PC feels like the proverbial axe with a new blade and new handle. Maybe if I ever replace it with a shiny new machine I'll do this to the old one and turn it into a server...
replace the cooling stuff between the video chip and the cooler
The video card stuff is moot - i appreciate the tips though! The fan solved it - has for three months now - but thanks!
this is way cooler than that vaio L (i think) iMac-alikes. You brother sir have a great computer. me wantz

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