Made a short video intro here: http://youtu.be/7OzHNqZCGH0
Sorry for this 'being-high-on-drugs-effect'! This was Youtube trying to enhance the vid's shakiness. Deleted the original video and can't recover via YT — kind of scary :/

theboling2 years ago
hate to burst your bubble, but these wet wipes come with a wall mount that just clips on. Good idea though
hannesgrebin (author)  theboling2 years ago
thanks for mentioning. this seems so obvious but for some reason, even dm is quite ahead of time mindset-wise, currently there is no proper concept like this in Germany. Pls correct me, if I'm wrong.
Will send them a little sum-up as presentation to catch up with the US ;) Could you pls comment a photo-link? thxH