Introduction: Mounting a Wet-wipes-box on the Wall

Picture of Mounting a Wet-wipes-box on the Wall

Made a short video intro here:
Sorry for this 'being-high-on-drugs-effect'! This was Youtube trying to enhance the vid's shakiness. Deleted the original video and can't recover via YT — kind of scary :/


theboling (author)2013-05-06

hate to burst your bubble, but these wet wipes come with a wall mount that just clips on. Good idea though

hannesgrebin (author)theboling2013-05-06

thanks for mentioning. this seems so obvious but for some reason, even dm is quite ahead of time mindset-wise, currently there is no proper concept like this in Germany. Pls correct me, if I'm wrong.
Will send them a little sum-up as presentation to catch up with the US ;) Could you pls comment a photo-link? thxH

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