Picture of Mouse Pad Wrist-Rest
This is a simple Instructable on how to create a wrist-rest that sits in front of your mouse pad. You will need about a quarter of a yard of any type of fabric, some popcorn that is not popped, and basic sewing skills.
I saw that there was another instructable on how to make one of these. But requires more materials, time, and is "for girls " according to my boyfriend. We had the mouse pads with the wrist-rests already on them; but the memory foam wore out really fast and we realized it would be more cost efficient to create our own using a different filler material, and make it last longer.
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Step 1: Step 1: Finding the length measurement

Picture of Step 1:  Finding the length measurement
Measure your mouse pad to determine how long you need to make the wrist-rest. My mouse pad measured 8 inches across. After you have measured your mouse pad, then fold your material into four layers to make cutting easier. Make sure to add an additional two inches when measuring on the material to allow for the seam when sewing.

I used the four layers for extra protection for losing popcorn kernels, and the added comfort/cushion. You may use more or less layers depending on the type of material you are using. I used a rayon/cotton blend because it stretches easily.

Step 2: Step 2: Finding the Width measurement

Picture of Step 2: Finding the Width measurement
After measuring the base, measure the width of the wrist-rest. The width will depend on where you would like to place your wrist in comparison of where you hold your mouse. I choose to measure 3 inches for the width. Measure the width on both sides of the length measurement.
SG1Oniell5 years ago
rice works really well, but it can get out if the fabric isn't too good.
codester6 years ago
Sweet idea. I think if you use a sock, cut of near the ankle, fill it, and sew it up, it'll work as well. This mouse rest, is also a great way to rest your gadgets (ipod, cell, etc) Good job!