Step 9: Stick around!

Glue the bit that was holding the cable to the lower part of the housing.

...I've just realized that this step is completley uneccesary...
It's an "leftover" from a previous conception how this purse should work. But I've wasted the glue so I might as well post it :]
haha the good old days ... Wait im 12 Lol i fix up computers and i have a stack of these old serial mice and The Big keyboards with the Chunky Din-5 Keyboard connectors ... Ahh Worthless junk turned into useable Geeky things Gd instructable
I am Fourteen My bedroom is filled with website servers all with these mice and keyboards I have custom OSs and everythng
yea 5 zl nasze polskie
 One can never call a mouse grungy until someone other than the regular user picks it up and than drops it in disgust. Neat idea, but it would be more useful if it could be made to hold some folding money. Along with a driver's license or debit card
Haha!<br /> I had a mouse exactly like that, came with a (Very, very, very) old computer, with a Massive, 3GB of HDD and a whopping 450MHZ processor!<br /> (the old computer, not the mouse lol)<br />
I'm probably wrong, but is is a serial port? I'm 14, don't know if that counts as a kid. ;)
I also don't know, but yes, it is serial :]
Dude my grandma has that EXACT mouse lol!!!! with a computer to match it! lol!!!!!!!
WOW..........is that mouse from the 18th centery or WHAT?!!? lol......just kidding :] original idea
I wouldn't be suprised if it was from that time :D
LOL!!!!! now THATS a positve attitude :]
I vote single plus good. I was expecting to see you wearing the shoulder strap . . .
heh, finally a use for the rubber ball mouse other than efficiently collecting desktop schmutz onto little plastic wheels (those things are a plague on humanity and should be illegal or something)... a coin bank. why not? i give it a + any creative uses for the innards?
Thanks for your comment :) I plan to use the circut board and the ball for geek-jewelry. Mabe the same will go for the rollers. The cable and it's plug will probably resurect as wires for my engennerig diploma board.
It's a serial connection or an RS232 connection, I forgot which.
RS232 (and not only) is serial :) So this is a RS232 mouse, commonly called "serial" :]
When I read the title on the RSS feed I was expecting the next installment of the rodent taxidermy series from canida...
And you were disapointed or relived? :]
Hahaha...that's so frightening.
haha awesome!

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