Step 9: Stick around!

Glue the bit that was holding the cable to the lower part of the housing.

...I've just realized that this step is completley uneccesary...
It's an "leftover" from a previous conception how this purse should work. But I've wasted the glue so I might as well post it :]
haha the good old days ... Wait im 12 Lol i fix up computers and i have a stack of these old serial mice and The Big keyboards with the Chunky Din-5 Keyboard connectors ... Ahh Worthless junk turned into useable Geeky things Gd instructable
I am Fourteen My bedroom is filled with website servers all with these mice and keyboards I have custom OSs and everythng
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&nbsp;One can never call a mouse grungy&nbsp;until&nbsp;someone other than&nbsp;the regular&nbsp;user picks it up and than drops it in disgust. Neat idea, but it would be more&nbsp;useful&nbsp;if it could be made to hold some folding money. Along with a driver's license or debit card
Haha!<br /> I had a mouse exactly like that, came with a (Very, very, very) old computer, with a Massive, 3GB of HDD and a whopping 450MHZ processor!<br /> (the old computer, not the mouse lol)<br />
I'm probably wrong, but is is a serial port? I'm 14, don't know if that counts as a kid. ;)
I also don't know, but yes, it is serial :]
Dude my grandma has that EXACT mouse lol!!!! with a computer to match it! lol!!!!!!!
WOW..........is that mouse from the 18th centery or WHAT?!!? lol......just kidding :] original idea
I wouldn't be suprised if it was from that time :D
LOL!!!!! now THATS a positve attitude :]
I vote single plus good. I was expecting to see you wearing the shoulder strap . . .
heh, finally a use for the rubber ball mouse other than efficiently collecting desktop schmutz onto little plastic wheels (those things are a plague on humanity and should be illegal or something)... a coin bank. why not? i give it a + any creative uses for the innards?
Thanks for your comment :) I plan to use the circut board and the ball for geek-jewelry. Mabe the same will go for the rollers. The cable and it's plug will probably resurect as wires for my engennerig diploma board.
It's a serial connection or an RS232 connection, I forgot which.
RS232 (and not only) is serial :) So this is a RS232 mouse, commonly called "serial" :]
When I read the title on the RSS feed I was expecting the next installment of the rodent taxidermy series from canida...
And you were disapointed or relived? :]
Hahaha...that's so frightening.
haha awesome!

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