Picture of Mouse / Rat Trap from Recycled Water Bottle
This I'ble will show you how to Make, an extremely effective rodent catching device. This trap may also be used for "live captures". Got a rodent issue? You have come to the right place. Build this free trap and rid yourself of these pests.

These take less than a minute to construct, allowing you to build multiple units for severe situations.

Lets begin!

Step 1: What you will need

Picture of What you will need
You will only need a few basic items for this project.
They include

~ A 1.25L or larger soda / water bottle
~ Scissors
~ Tape
~ Craft knife

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ALadyDragon6 years ago
Awesome idea, Just made mine and putting in some of my dog biscuits (something is going for it) and I'm not having any luck with mouse traps. So i thought your idea might be the one to track down the little tacker that is sneaking about in the night. I attached my trap.. Thanks again.
mousetrap 001.JPG
I think this is too small
arkho arkho4 years ago
Here's the picture of the top cover that I used, didn't any luck with it neither. I have laid a commercial sticky trap, didn't have any luck with it neither. It was sitting under my bed for almost 2 weeks now. Until my wife saw 2 of them running around, chasing each other like in a fight, as if not scared of humans. So she put it along their path where it passed through in one direction. Sure enough when it came back, swooop! Ssstick! And it caught it. Ever wonder about the other one? Well, as her story goes, the other smaller one then saw the opportunity to attack the stuck mouse. So it jumped into it like she's not watching. Here's they're picture.
casey321b arkho3 years ago
What do you use as a tacky glue that doesn't dry too much over time?
arkho casey321b3 years ago
I just bought it from the grocery. It looks thick solvent glue but something is added so it does not dry up so easily.
casey321b arkho3 years ago
I found this recipe online for rat trap glue made with corn syrup and water: http://www.ehow.com/how_6631413_make-stick-glue-mouse-traps.html

I needed to make a large quantity for a prank on a friend. He's been doing some nasty stuff, so we decided to play dirty as well. (Luckily he has a buzz cut and we wont need to worry about his hair.)
There are also instructions I found for removing the glue using peanut or baby oil, - Beats me why someone would want to cook babies :) - liquid dish detergent, and shampoo.
TN777 casey321b3 years ago
Baby Oil is an oil used FOR babies! It is used with moisturizing their skin? I think that is what it is used for anyway. No babies are harmed =)

It stops them from squeaking.

casey321b TN7773 years ago
I know. It's a joke. :)
TN777 casey321b3 years ago
I knew that=)
Peanut butter is a very good rat bait.
After a couple of days , it finally got in, but knocked it over and got out, So wedging it upright again caught something but this time it chewed its way out. So yay for catching.. But it ate off two spikes to get out.
arkho5 years ago
This question may seem dumb, but I'm just curious bro, if the bottle is upright, how would the mouse be able to jump in to it. I mean, how big a mouse is our target here anyway. For small mice, it might not be able to jump in to it if its upright.
Lftndbt (author)  arkho5 years ago
 Make a stair case out of books / position at bench level etc.

Be sure to boil the books after each catch.

put it on its side dude.....seriously
I put it on it's side, I let it sit upright, put it against the wall, next to a box, a small table and every other position imaginable, sigh, still no luck. I'll post the picture of my creation later on. I sort of made the hole a little bit smaller than that of the picture. I guess that's the fault. I'll modify it, when I get home. Meanwhile, here's the picture of my target. Flaunting me out in the open, grrrr.
arkho arkho4 years ago
Here's a couple I caught using commercial plastic sticky trap.
BGR8FUL arkho3 years ago
boooo, that's cruel
arkho BGR8FUL3 years ago
Put your self in my shoes, if I let them live, they'll eat our fruits, rice, snacks, you name it. The only thing that they have not touched are the once I put in the fridge. But you can't put them all in there. Sometimes whe the plates are left unwashed overnight which rarely happens, they eat on top of the leftovers and leave their crap and piss on the plates. Doctors say that the virus on their refuse are not killed even if you boil them for one hour. As well as the cure for the illness it cause is yet to be found. Yeah, I have to break those chinawares they infected out of anger and hatred. I'd shoot them on site if I have to.
Chro arkho3 years ago
As EHST major I have to say that last bit about the "unnamed super disease" is completely false.

They spread diseases but nothign incurable or unkillable by boiling.
Soozannah Chro2 years ago
I thought every virus could be knocked out by leaving "infected" item in direct sunlight for a few hours.
arkho Chro3 years ago
Well that's comforting, I realize that I learned it from the news once, that leptospira is not killed even by boiling. So it is hoax then. Does that mean it is safe to use our rat urine and poo infected kitchen wares by washing it with regular liquid soap. It says antibacterial.
Chro arkho3 years ago
I would boil the dishware as well as soap/water clean it. Its always better to be safe than sorry, leptospiria is not unkillable but it is a serious illness and it would always be safer to prevent illness to the best of your abilities.
ALadyDragon says:
After a couple of days , it finally got in, but knocked it over and got out, So wedging it upright again caught something but this time it chewed its way out. So yay for catching.. But it ate off two spikes to get out.

Nah, sideways ain't too good an idea. I guess it has to be upright and double taped at the bottom.
BTW, I used peanut and choconut. It's grounded peanut sweetened and molded into a foil wrapper. I used it as bait because when I left it on the table, it ate half of it. The hole I made is a little over an inch. Also, I have one of those plastic paper trash can in my room where I throw my snack wrappers, it caught one and got trapped in it. Because it was empty, it could not jump high enough to escape. It looks like this.
trash can.bmp
VyT9 months ago

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bahij1 year ago

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petrolon2 years ago
I just have a cat, although, I think it might be worse. Demonic presences and all that stuff.
Isaacbarger2 years ago
I have been in the rat catching business for a long time. You would be better off using this http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ratnip/336575523124282 on regular snap traps. The proper baiting and traping of rodents is listed in their instructions on the page.
Cotopaxi2 years ago
So what would you recommend I use to bait this rat trap of yours?
Rainh2o2 years ago
you can kill them by taping over the top and placing in the freezer overnight...whats the use in a "humane" trap if your just going to drown them? I personally use the snap traps, it kills them fast and the good metal triggers work almost everytime...
ClareBS4 years ago
If you toss them over the fence into your neighbor's yard they'll be back in your house before you are. Rodents are territorial and like where they live. Better to dispatch them permanently.
no you can bring them 5km away from your house and let them go
That might be practical if you have one in your house. When you have a hectare on a river and thousands of mice and/or rats, relocating them is not feasible. I don't mind them if they stay away from my house but I really don't want them climbing the downspouts, swinging onto the roof and crawling inside or coming in from the bottom.
Have you tried sealing off all rat entry/exit spaces (1/2" or larger) with aluminum sheeting cut to size of the hole? Rats/mice can't chew through it.
We've got metal gutter guard on all of our gutters so they can't get in that way any more. Our house has decking on three sides and it is impossible to check that there are no holes smaller than the diameter of a pencil (mouse size) under the decking.
mikee9635 years ago
I'm planning on combining this idea and the toilet roll trap.hope it will work...

A rat will eat thru that in no time.
cynicman6 years ago
I am planning to catch loads of RAT for a domestication/breeding project. I have been looking for a cheap, affordable and simple NO HARM trap for catching specimans... I will let you know how it comes out.
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