Step 5: Trap some rodents

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Free your home from these unwanted housemates.
These are suprisingly effective. I have trapped up to 3 rats inside, one 1.25L bottle in a night.


If you intend on letting the rodent go, simply cut the tape and remove the funnel. Make sure you drop them off far away from your property or they will return.

However if this is not an option or you feel the need to permantley dispose of the rodent, I would recommend a simple bucket of water. Put the bottle in and put a brick over it to submerge the trap. Walk away. Come back when all the drama is over and dispose of the entire bottle.
Preferably empty cotents and recycle / re-use the trap.
petrolon2 years ago
I just have a cat, although, I think it might be worse. Demonic presences and all that stuff.
010000013 years ago
I've just set up this trap, lets see if I can catch something with it!
ClareBS4 years ago
If you toss them over the fence into your neighbor's yard they'll be back in your house before you are. Rodents are territorial and like where they live. Better to dispatch them permanently.
no you can bring them 5km away from your house and let them go
That might be practical if you have one in your house. When you have a hectare on a river and thousands of mice and/or rats, relocating them is not feasible. I don't mind them if they stay away from my house but I really don't want them climbing the downspouts, swinging onto the roof and crawling inside or coming in from the bottom.
cynicman6 years ago
I am planning to catch loads of RAT for a domestication/breeding project. I have been looking for a cheap, affordable and simple NO HARM trap for catching specimans... I will let you know how it comes out.
Rats are already domesticated... why don't you get the initial stock from local breeders, or adopt them like I did?
arkho5 years ago
This question may seem dumb, but I'm just curious bro, if the bottle is upright, how would the mouse be able to jump in to it. I mean, how big a mouse is our target here anyway. For small mice, it might not be able to jump in to it if its upright.
Lftndbt (author)  arkho5 years ago
 Make a stair case out of books / position at bench level etc.
jack6915 years ago
thorw a fire caker down the hole and blow the mosue or rat up
cgosh6 years ago
Rodents are suckers for any nut butter. Spread some loose nuts smeared with peanut butter around the area as 'samples' and they'll find your trap soon enough. Bacon works great, too. If you're stuck using conventional spring mousetraps, drill a hole through a peanut or almond with a sewing needle and tie it to the trigger with thread. Gets 'em every time. If you're dealing with rats, they're much smarter and they learn from each other. 'Train' them by using string or cord to tie down and keep the spring tensed and the trigger loaded (even if they press the trigger, there's no effect) to really fool them for a few days while you sprinkle bait around the area and tied on the trigger. Once they're used to it and learn it's a safe meal, they're a goner. I'm still trying your trap. It's cheap, easy, foolproof, and your photos and instructions are flawless. A perfect instructable.
Lftndbt (author)  cgosh6 years ago
WoW!! Great comment! Thanks a bunch. Please report your findings back, even if it does not work. I know from personal experience it works well, yet I do have a population explosion in the field next door. So shears numbers may be ensuring this works here. May not work so well for a sole mouse though.
Lokie1106 years ago
what do i use as bait??(is that a dumb question?)