Step 9: Hind legs

Picture of Hind legs
Once you've worked around the torso, start on the hind legs. Carefully peel the skin back like a sock, being careful not to pull too hard. The skin will peel back to the ankle.

Now you'll need scissors to cut the leg off at the hip joint. The two leg bones will remain attached to the foot and pelt for use later when we wire up the limbs.

Repeat with the other hind foot.
luxvelvet6 years ago
so you cut inside the body, leaving the pelt / skin intact, and leaving the leg attached to the foot. So basically we're peeling all the ouside off?
yeh pretty much
Shex6 years ago
I didn't understand that. Where do you pull the leg? Inside or outside?
dogisdead Shex6 years ago
You kinda pull the leg gently from the inside, and peel the skin (carefully, it can rip easily here if you pull too much) over the leg, 'like a sock'. I usually find theres a bit of white connective tissue on the ankle, and I cut slightly above that.