One of my sons friends stayed over yesterday and mentioned in passing he'd been assigned to make a mouse trap car for school. I thought about how I had lots of fun making those way back and decided to make one out of scraps off my desk and document it. It's far from the best one ever and unlikely to win any awards, but it does work.

Step 1: Supplies

I used the following:

A mouse trap
4 eye hooks
6 balloons
2 bic pens (the smooth kind)
2 tops from pop cans (for the serious perhaps washers, or otherwise any other bendable metal)
some string (not pictured)
4 CDs/DVDs (expendable ones). Here 3 CDRs and a blank transparent thing from the top of a spindle. I hear DVDs are a bit lighter, but I'm not optimizing that hard.
Nice. I made one of these in my Engineering class a few months back. My team did pretty... bad. We got stuck with two know-it-all sophomores, a girl who was afraid of tools, another girl who just wanted to get her math homework done that she didn't do the night before, and me... the shy, quiet girl who had ideas but couldn't voice them. D: (Haha, I'm not trying to make my team look bad, by the way. We all became friends because of that project. xD)
Oh, also... This is what we ended up with. (The first image is my design. We tried to follow it but somehow ended up with... the second image. >.<)
<p>What website/book did you use???</p>
<p>i made it and it was so fun</p>
<p>i made it and it was so fun</p>
<p>Hey, will this car go 5 metres? I have to make one for my Physics class, and it has to go 5 metres and not weigh more than 3/4 kg.</p>
<p>How can you make the wheels more secure without using the balloons?</p>
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<p>mug awesome reids not </p>
<p>mug awesome reids not </p>
<p>Beautiful art work.....</p>
<p>i didnt made anything . but i hope people could show me there images so i casn have a idea</p>
<p>cool i like how you made the mouse trap car</p>
<p>Sick invention :D I laughed honestly ! Very cool </p>
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<p>im making one for science class and it better work</p>
<p>if you make it right it will WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!</p>
<p>nice this is a rip off</p>
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<p>this thing is the goat</p>
WHY IS IT GOING IN A CIRCLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<p>I know this is an extremely late reply, but it might help anyone else who may be having this problem with the car going in circles, you have to make sure that you have the eyelet hooks almost exactly identical to each other when screwed into the trap, otherwise it will make the axel sit at a small slant (even if you can't see it) and that will make the car go in circles. Just an idea of what your problem might be due too, try counting turns on the hooks when you are installing them </p>
<p>hahahah this is hilarious :D thanks for making me laugh</p>
<p>Nice! For Top Gear mouse fans :)</p>
<p>Elegantly simple!</p>
<p>I understand the instructions, but since I don't know the idea background, can you tell me what do you use it for?</p>
<p>My fiancee had to do this for her final. this is what we ended up with. it only has to go a linear foot to pass. we tested it, and she should pass with no problem</p>
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<p>i am making this in since class can you send it to me at @exoticdragon on twitter oh and follow me to</p>
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i don't think its his fault that you have learning disabilities, look at some pictures! the string goes where my thumb is⬇⬇
<p>nice bro</p>
<p>OK, i'm really new to this, and I really need help trying to make this.....</p>
<p>how old I'm only and I made it :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(</p>
<p>Where do you attach the string to on the mousetrap?</p>
look at the pictures!
<p>i got to do this for my school ,can i us your idea?</p>
What size eye hooks did you use?
<p>what do you use the soda can tops for?</p>
How long do I make the string?
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