Step 1: Supplies

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I used the following:

A mouse trap
4 eye hooks
6 balloons
2 bic pens (the smooth kind)
2 tops from pop cans (for the serious perhaps washers, or otherwise any other bendable metal)
some string (not pictured)
4 CDs/DVDs (expendable ones). Here 3 CDRs and a blank transparent thing from the top of a spindle. I hear DVDs are a bit lighter, but I'm not optimizing that hard.
shortee1235 years ago
Does this reallyyyy work? I havee to do this for mahh science class and it has to go  3 meters on carpet, can it go that far? & i tryed doinnn this but the cd's aree likee not straight at all how do i makeee themm straight & not wiggle. Hhha.
Where can you buy eye hooks?
Depending on where you live, it could be, Walmart, Home Hardware, Home Depot, American Hardware, etc. 

Good Luck!

guy155 years ago
what is the purpose of the soda tabs?
decoration dummy
Zub, any hardware store will have them
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danger50 oops66 years ago
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i gotta do this for my end of the year exam, and i was just wonderin what the daggum balloons are for... :)
me!!!!6 years ago
it works!! i won my competition at my school with this!
LarrySDonald (author)  me!!!!6 years ago
Good deal.
rosieq_926 years ago
how far did your mousetrap car go? jw, i have to make one for my engineering design class and its a competition, so of course i want mine to be the fastest.
LarrySDonald (author)  rosieq_926 years ago
As in the past comments, no clue. I only tested it in a small room, perhaps twelve feet across and it had plenty left. Not sure how fast it would go, but it went faster then it went far for sure.
IAMMAN6 years ago
can you use yarn as the string
LarrySDonald (author)  IAMMAN6 years ago
flyaway20206 years ago
What is the purpose for the soda pop top? Do I just slide it in the middle? What role do the soda pop tops play in this? I still have to start building this. I just had a curious question before I get started. I think it's pretty generous of you to answer the other questions, with full detail and explanation. I appreciate it. My physics grade depends on this project right now. I need this!
LarrySDonald (author)  flyaway20206 years ago
The basic point is to keep the axle from sliding left or right. Originally, they weren't there and the axle slid all the way left or all the way right, making the front wheels bump into the trap and eventually come off or make the path very erratic. Anything that would spin against the eye hooks without allowing the axle (pen) to move side to side would do - the soda pop tops were the most convenient and shapeable stuff on my desk. Sticking something through it might also work, so long as it doesn't stick on the sides. The entire point is to make the front axle not slide side to side, but keep centered with the wheels safely out of harms way beside the trap itself.
namdinh6 years ago
where can you find eye hooks size like that?
LarrySDonald (author)  namdinh6 years ago
The ones I used were on my desk, but odds are good they were from WalMart or possibly a hardware store. They were in a combo pack with some various hooks, eyehooks and screws I'd bought for some other purpose (long ago enough that I have no idea what) and just thrown on a shelf in case I needed the rest for something else and with a little bending they fit.
i know this thingy it works yes
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Hotdogs386 years ago
kitkatbar196 years ago
hey guys. this sounds like it might work. the only thing i am concerned about is that in a lot of other project ideas, it has a pole attached to the string, and than the mouse trap, allowing it to go farther. Is that an issue with this one or is it supposed to just be for acceleration. i hav to do a project and i would like to know pretty soon. Please email me. kitkatbar19@aim.com. i really would appreciate your help. Thanks