Step 10: Rear axle

Push the pen with the string into the back eyelets. Pull the string through the eyelets so that it's between them (or slide through the gap if you had to widen them). Tie the string to the tip of the flap that will move as the trap springs. Those more ambitious might want to brace it with something between the spring and the back to make sure it doesn't snag or fray, but I didn't bother, which does mean the string gets tangled or frays every so often.


<p>i gotta make this for school</p>
<p> Same!!! Lmao!</p>
<p>same lmao </p>
<p>me too</p>
<p>Thank you for the advise</p>
<p>How far does it go?</p><p>More than 5 meters?</p>
<p>which size mousetrap</p>
<p>This is just so cool! I have to make this for the school! thanks for sharing! It's so exciting to watch the video..... (minus the ouch part!)</p>
<p>is there anything I can use instead of eyehooks</p>
<p>Virally anything really. Screws/wire or some bent metal perhaps. I'd probably stick to screwing whatever onto it rather than glue or tape - it gets yanked around quite a bit when it moves. Any wood screw works tho - find some broken thing and raid. </p>
<p>i made it it mad 6 times before falling apart</p>
<p>I made it but it lasted 5 runs before collapsing</p>
<p>make it come back and I'll be impressed.</p>
<p>wow that is good I'm 19 years old and mine would have never been that good??????????</p>
<p>Cool, I will use this for my science assignment since I otherwise would have no idea how to build one. Thanks, hopefully I build it right XD</p>
<p>next step AI</p>
<p>can any help me with step 8 my mind is so out of it i don't know what to do</p>
i tried to make this &amp; for some reason the car will not move. any advice?
<p>I made one and it works great. I honestly thought that it wouldn't work but it did.</p>
<p>hope this works</p>
<p>About how far does this go? My sience rubric requires it to go at least 12 ft..</p>
Nice. I made one of these in my Engineering class a few months back. My team did pretty... bad. We got stuck with two know-it-all sophomores, a girl who was afraid of tools, another girl who just wanted to get her math homework done that she didn't do the night before, and me... the shy, quiet girl who had ideas but couldn't voice them. D: (Haha, I'm not trying to make my team look bad, by the way. We all became friends because of that project. xD)
Oh, also... This is what we ended up with. (The first image is my design. We tried to follow it but somehow ended up with... the second image. >.<)
<p>What website/book did you use???</p>
<p>i made it and it was so fun</p>
<p>Hey, will this car go 5 metres? I have to make one for my Physics class, and it has to go 5 metres and not weigh more than 3/4 kg.</p>
<p>How can you make the wheels more secure without using the balloons?</p>
<p>mug awesome reids not </p>
<p>mug awesome reids not </p>
<p>mug awesome reids not </p>
<p>Beautiful art work.....</p>
<p>i didnt made anything . but i hope people could show me there images so i casn have a idea</p>
<p>cool i like how you made the mouse trap car</p>
<p>Sick invention :D I laughed honestly ! Very cool </p>
<p>im making one for science class and it better work</p>
<p>nice this is a rip off</p>
<p>this thing is the goat</p>
WHY IS IT GOING IN A CIRCLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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