Step 4: Check eye hooks

Picture of Check eye hooks
Assure yourself that the eye hooks fit over the pens. They need to be loose enough to rotate easily, but not so loose that they rattle too much. If not, bend them slightly so that they do. Mine were a bit small and needed to be bent out a bit.
what are the pop can tops for? how do i put them on?
For: so the pen won't slide side to side. How: Shoved the pen through them where they go as per picture and pinched them there with my hands.
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!
starcatt6 years ago
I don't have eyehooks. What can I use insead??
LarrySDonald (author)  starcatt6 years ago
Depends on what you have I suppose. Some wire could perhaps be fashioned into holding the axle, but given the force a trap puts on it I wouldn't count on it. Nails/screws with some wire perhaps.
Where can you find the hooks for a good price
LarrySDonald (author)  daniellechsblue6 years ago
Not sure. Walmart or whatever local hardware stores are usually the best bets.
booga3736 years ago
what size!
nigahiga6 years ago
i cant seem to bend the eye hook..any suggestion?
wtf, nigahiga? is that really you or just someone using your username.