Picture of Mouse as door alarm
A friend of mine who own a shoes store, since he had some missing articles,   asked me a way to monitor the door of the stock.
He just want a cheap system, connected to a pc, which will be able to send emails alarm when the stock door will be open during the days-off.

I decided to hack a old usb mouse and use the existing reed switch as click emulator.

A piece of python on a linux box will detect the mouse click as a open/close door alarm, and send a email.
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Step 1: Prerequisites

Picture of Prerequisites

You will need :

 - a old wired usb mouse
 - a linux box using Xorg/X11 (tested on Linux Mint and Ubuntu)
 - a reed switch (not on the photo) or a other mecanical switch
 - an iron solder
 - terminal blocks
 - some cables

Step 2: Hack the mouse

Picture of Hack the mouse
Open your mouse carrefully, take care about all screws.

Next, identify the mouse buttons. Depending on the mouse, you can have 2 to 5 or 6 buttons.

Next, bypass the button switch. You can  desolder the switch or solder directly the cable on the mouse board.
Here, i've decided to solder directly, to be able to reuse the mouse later.
Also, i've only used one switch, but the python script can handle 3 switches.

Once completed, the mouse up and get out the cable to the outside.

Solder the cable to the terminal blocks. These blocks will be used to connect the alarm switch (reed switch or mecanic switch).
Cool... If you used a keyboard you could monitor the whole building.
Sermos3 years ago
That's pretty awesome!
sain37 months ago

project is very interesting,but i couldn't understand from where the sound comes and how to interface it with ubuntu.

If some one helps me it would be great.

wistof (author)  sain37 months ago


The interfacing is done by the python script. It don't manage sound alarm yet, but it could be done using pygame lib.