A friend of mine who own a shoes store, since he had some missing articles,   asked me a way to monitor the door of the stock.
He just want a cheap system, connected to a pc, which will be able to send emails alarm when the stock door will be open during the days-off.

I decided to hack a old usb mouse and use the existing reed switch as click emulator.

A piece of python on a linux box will detect the mouse click as a open/close door alarm, and send a email.

Step 1: Prerequisites

You will need :

 - a old wired usb mouse
 - a linux box using Xorg/X11 (tested on Linux Mint and Ubuntu)
 - a reed switch (not on the photo) or a other mecanical switch
 - an iron solder
 - terminal blocks
 - some cables
Cool... If you used a keyboard you could monitor the whole building.
That's pretty awesome!
<p>project is very interesting,but i couldn't understand from where the sound comes and how to interface it with ubuntu.</p><p>If some one helps me it would be great. </p>
<p>Hi,</p><p>The interfacing is done by the python script. It don't manage sound alarm yet, but it could be done using pygame lib.</p>

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