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Introduction: Mouse for People With Hand Disabilities

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I thought on this instructable when I saw one of my aunts, she has problems when using the computer mouse because her hands tremble a lot due to a illness problem.

In resume this is a modification of the Wii Remote Controller, making it work as a mouse computer.

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Step 1: Parts and Suplies

We will need:

1 Wii remote (from Nintendo)

1 bubble Tap keychain (from ThinkGeek)

30 cm of ADSL cable (from eBay)

1 Bluetooth adapter for computer (from eBay)

1 Plastic headset or similar (from eBay)

1 Wireless Wii sensor bar (from Nintendo)

Also will need:

Cable scissors

Soldering equipments

Step 2: How to Disassemble Wii Remote

We will disassemble the Wii remote in order to reach the button actuators in which we’ll solder the ADSL cable.
This is how to disassemble the remote:
1.    Dismount the battery cap you will see two screws
2.    With the screw driver (I used a special one bought on eBay for one dollar) unscrew the screws.
3.    You will now be able to take apart the remote
4.    You will see those golden circles (these are the ones were we will weld the ADSL cable)

Step 3: Ho to Disassemble the Keychain

We will disassemble the bubble tap keychain in order to reach the button actuators in which we’ll solder the ADSL cable.
The keychain popping buttons will be an extension of the Wii remote buttons. (sorry there are no photos of the process but it’s the same as the Wii remote)

1.    At the back of the keychain are two screws
2.    Unscrew and dismantle the keychain
3.    Dispose the battery (you will not need it more)
4.    You will see those golden circles again

Step 4: What to Do With the ADSL Cable

With the ADSL cable you will make an extension of the Wii remote buttons

1. Weld cable by cable, at the golden ports on the disassembled Wii remote (each port will have two cables).

2. Each port of the remote will need to match with a port of the keychain (I only paired buttons “A”, “B”, “1”, “2”).

Sorry for the lack of photos but I was running out of time.

Step 5: Assemble the Remote, Keychain and Head-mount

The assembling process is the same as the disassembling but you will need to drill a little hole at one side of the remote case and the keychain in order to have a place for the cable.

You also will need to put a little isolating tape at the button golden ports for preventing making contact with the original plastic carbon buttons.

Then attach he Remote to the head-mount and that is all.

Step 6: Setting Up the Computer

1.    You will need a wireless remote sensor bar to put on top of the monitor.
2.    Also a integrated Bluetooth or external Bluetooth dongle (I used a Toshiba branded Bluetooth).
1.    You will need a Bluetooth driver like (Bluetooth stack for windows by Toshiba).
2.    You will need to download the software to make the wii remote act as a mouse (don’t worry it is free and you can download it from the link below).

Step 7: Setting Up the Wii Remote

In order to have a good Bluetooth connection, follow these steps:

1.-Activate the Wii Remote by touching buttons “1” + “2” at the same time (these would be all ready popping buttons)

2.-Activate the Bluetooth on the computer in searching mode and pair the remote when localized.

3.-Now that is active start the Smoothboard application

4.-Then start the sensor bar that should be on top of the screen

5.-Select the option of presenter and put the popping keychain on your mouth (if the cable is bigger optionally you can put the keychain on the floor or on the hand (it will only function as a clicker)

6.-Now you will be able to move the mouse with your head, and to select links or give clicks you only need to pop the correct button on the keychain.

Step 8: Testing

By experience it is even easier than voice commands and with some practice I already can make some drawing on the windows paint app!

Here are some testing videos:



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Interesting idea witht he wii-mote,but I might add that software has already been developed to track a persons head using a webcam and use it as a mouse. For those who do not wish to strap a wii-mote to their head. I don't remember the name of the software,but its free. I found it a long time ago, through an instructable no less, lol. I'm sure a quick google search would easily find it.

hello I have searched the web and I couldn't find any free software that uses the web cam ! could you post the link ?

Dug it up again just for you. Sorry I didn't reply sooner, I've been out of town. Here ya go.

You could stick an infrared LED connected to a button battery on each side of cheap glasses that the person would wear to act as the sensor bar and leave the heavy wiimote on a stable place.

good idea but it wont work very well as the wii remote has a camera to see the lights for depth and position, your head would basically become the cursor and to move it up on the screen your head would have to go up not tilt making it hard and tiring. :(

You are right. Maybe if it used a third LED in a triangle to get 3d positioning, but that would require coding and would be more complicated.

actually it already can sense 3d! move the controller forward the lights are further apart twist the remote the lights are on an angle to sense rotation tilt the remote up the lights are at the bottom of the camera and so on. all i was really saying was if the remote was stationary and you had the lights on your head you could not control it by tilting your head. its hard to explane but the idea wont work :( but talking about 3d this could possibly evolve more functions then first anticipated! and become not just for people with disabilities!

ASTRO BOY is right, I think the original authors idea is better cuz the wii rmote is not as heavy as it looks. :)

creative and original 'able. well done !

you never posted the link itself...