I thought on this instructable when I saw one of my aunts, she has problems when using the computer mouse because her hands tremble a lot due to a illness problem.

In resume this is a modification of the Wii Remote Controller, making it work as a mouse computer.

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Step 1: Parts and Suplies

We will need:

1 Wii remote (from Nintendo)

1 bubble Tap keychain (from ThinkGeek)

30 cm of ADSL cable (from eBay)

1 Bluetooth adapter for computer (from eBay)

1 Plastic headset or similar (from eBay)

1 Wireless Wii sensor bar (from Nintendo)

Also will need:

Cable scissors

Soldering equipments

Interesting idea witht he wii-mote,but I might add that software has already been developed to track a persons head using a webcam and use it as a mouse. For those who do not wish to strap a wii-mote to their head. I don't remember the name of the software,but its free. I found it a long time ago, through an instructable no less, lol. I'm sure a quick google search would easily find it.
hello I have searched the web and I couldn't find any free software that uses the web cam ! could you post the link ?
Dug it up again just for you. Sorry I didn't reply sooner, I've been out of town. Here ya go. http://www.cameramouse.org/
You could stick an infrared LED connected to a button battery on each side of cheap glasses that the person would wear to act as the sensor bar and leave the heavy wiimote on a stable place.<br />
good idea but it wont work very well as the wii remote has a camera to see the lights for depth and position, your head would basically become the cursor and to move it up on the screen your head would have to go up not tilt making it hard and tiring. :(
You are right. Maybe if it used a third LED in a triangle to get 3d positioning, but that would require coding and would be more complicated.
actually it already can sense 3d! move the controller forward the lights are further apart twist the remote the lights are on an angle to sense rotation tilt the remote up the lights are at the bottom of the camera and so on. all i was really saying was if the remote was stationary and you had the lights on your head you could not control it by tilting your head. its hard to explane but the idea wont work :( but talking about 3d this could possibly evolve more functions then first anticipated! and become not just for people with disabilities!
ASTRO BOY is right, I think the original authors idea is better cuz the wii rmote is not as heavy as it looks. :)
creative and original 'able. well done !
you never posted the link itself...
Yes, sorry, I didn't notice that the link wasn't there.<br /> <br /> This is it: http://www.smoothboard.net/
one question what if their using skype? but nice i like i subed
It might be worth finding out if you can use a normal mouse at the same time as this device.&nbsp; For one thing, it would stop you having to change between this and a normal mouse for different computer users, and you could also use the buttons on a normal mouse for making a foot pedal more easily than trying to attach a foot pedal to the Wii remote.<br />
Very nice idea, I love it but maybe you should think about leaving the mouthpiece for something else because it is not very hygienic unless you clean it very often and I guess people love to keep theire mouth free ( for snacking lol). <br /> <br /> But good thinking, certainly worth 5 stars
You are certainly right about the mouth device, I'm getting some ideas and I'm all-ready working on a foot pedal, the practicity of the linking wire could bring many posibilities for each accesibility condition.<br /> Thanks for your comment.<br />
Two questions about the video: what is the [ 5 ] for, and does the mouse actually lag like that and the old [ 5 ] boxes behind, or was that just the screen recording program?<br />
Thanks for comment, the lag is because the recording program, I implemented http://www.screentoaster.com/ online recording, the number five is also added by the recording.<br /> The original movement is smooth, as soon as I get a good recording program I will post some videos.<br />
Thank you for coming up with this!&nbsp; Added to the <a href="https://www.instructables.com/group/Assistive_Tech/" rel="nofollow">Assistive Technology</a> group.<br />
Thank you for your interest on my instructable, I'm glad to work in this kind of proyects 'cause as you mentioned they are esential for implementing the <em>Independent Living Philosophy</em>, 'cause Technology should be open for all the good people, thanks a lot.<br />
This is great - a thoughtful, well-executed project! The only (small) question I have is in regards to the button extension - have you thought about making it larger and using as a foot pedal instead (as you briefly mentioned)? It looks like it might get a little tiresome to hold in the mouth if you use it for extended periods. On the other hand, it might work best to have it in the mouth for someone who doesn't have the coordination to work a foot pedal (like someone with severe cerebral palsy or MS, for example).<br /> <br /> Featured and faved - thanks for sharing!<br />
Another option would be a U-shaped apparatus with momentary switches on either side.&nbsp; A person with some gross motor control could place a wrist in the apparatus and move left for A and right for B or vice versa.<br />
Thank you for comment and yes, your idea is great I'm working on a foot pedal in this moment, but also I will try to work out this idea and update.<br />
That's a very interesting idea.
Thanks for your comment <strong>Lithium Rain</strong>, yes I'm working on a foot pedal 'cause it is a little tiresome to hold the device with the mouth as you comented.<br /> <br /> Well, it has been great to develop tongue muscles, I will update as soon as I test the foot pedal.<br /> <br /> again, thanks a lot.<br />

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