Picture of Mouse with USB port (optional internal drive)
This project for me is more useful than it first appears, I use this mouse all the time and all though it was quite fiddly to make It was worth the effort.
Now why would I want a  mouse with a USB port hanging out the side? The main reason is that I do a lot of computer aided drawing on a lap top which is impossible to do with a track pad and  I share and collaborate with students who have all manner of different shapes and sizes of USB drives.
So whats the problem? Well my mac book has the USB ports so close together that it is often not possible to have two things plugged in at once, It drives me mental, and I didn't really want to have to use a USB  hub, as it just another item I have to carry around and get lost.
Also with its internal drive It also saves me carrying around a USB, and it useful for when I use a desktop machine as I don't have to scratch around under the desk to find a working USB port.

The instructable has lots of notes attached to the photos
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Step 1: Stuff you will need

Picture of Stuff you will need
You will need
  • A full size USB mouse
  • Small USB  hub, than can be pulled apart easily
  • Small USB tumb drive (optional)
  • Sugru
  • USB pinout
Tools needed
  • screw drivers
  • box cuter knife
  • solder, soldering iron, solder sucker.
  • hot glue gun
  • side cutters
  • Magnifying glass or glasses
  • Hole saw or drill.
  • Multimeter

Step 2: Strip down.

Picture of Strip down.
The mouse has a couple of screws hidden under the 2 plastic slider pads at the back of the mouse, and clips at the front, which came apart without too much of a fight.
The hub was just clipped together, and I used a box cutter to prise the plastic covers off. The final photo shows the mouse and hub striped down, it was still not going to fit inside the mouse cover.
It is important to chose a hub that is small, and can be take apart.

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W I N G M A N3 months ago
Thx for the awsum instrucrable! :) great work! (Y)

Jus one doubt. Someone please answer this asap, emergency.

*Can a USB Keyboard be attached to this mouse and made work?*

My problem: I have only one USB port in ma desktop and a HUB isn't an option due to various reasons. I'm thinking of MOD-ing the mouse ,add a USB port and use both devices through a single port. Will it work?

if not, any alternatives?
liquidhandwash (author)  W I N G M A N2 months ago

Im sure that will work just fine, but why dont you ad a usb port to your keyboard?

cool but,
do it with a wireless mouse...

Ooh, that would be awesome, and if he did it right add custom colored L.E.D.'s for a really awesome look.

You can't do it with a wireless mouse sadly. The data would not transmit correctly over the wireless.

3366carlos1 year ago
very nice. you should make into a mouse/usb built in drive
zakamooza2 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
liquidhandwash (author)  zakamooza2 years ago
hi turbotonic27
sugru is pretty cool, it drys harder than silicon, its a bit like tyre inner tube when dry. and sticks to plastic really well.
nice!where can i get some
Amazon, Ebay, I seem to think the Instructables shop has some.
liquidhandwash (author)  zakamooza2 years ago
I won some or try
poofrabbit2 years ago
Hey congratulations on being a finalist in the hack it contest! Good luck to you!
liquidhandwash (author)  poofrabbit2 years ago
thanks poofrabit I think I'm becoming a bit OCD about instuctables lately seem to be looking at them all the time "ibleoholic"
aeszok2 years ago
I thought of this, but a part of me just told me that it was impossible, as the data wires are already being used.... thanks!
liquidhandwash (author)  aeszok2 years ago
ohowson2 years ago
Reckon this would work with a wireless mouse?
londobali2 years ago
This is epic.. well, your usual great ideas!!
Makes me think: why they haven't sell these yet???

Thanks for sharing !
liquidhandwash (author)  londobali2 years ago
Thanks Londobali,
Before I started I did a google search and didn't find anything like it, I was also going to do a keyboard but you can buy keyboards with USB ports.
Excuse me.

Do you think the USB keyboard you are talking about, has the fun of DIY included in the price?

:-) just kidding...!!..
That's pretty epic. I think you have a market for that product sir. Its so simple I am surprise no one had mad that before. A mouse with memory and a USB port. Thanks for the instructable.
Trike Lover2 years ago
This is one of those "smack-your-head-why-didn't I think of that" great ideas. My laptop has three USB ports, and I routinely have an external mouse as well as an external HDD plugged in. That leaves one, and if I add the Bluetooth dongle I'm down to none. On some of my older laptops, I've added (glued on with super-strength 3M double-face foam tape) a 4 port USB hub on a rear corner of the lid, but that's very awkward to do with my current "daily driver" because of the position of the DVD drive and cooling air vents on either side.
Looking at it, I had the same thought at @payst about adding a bluetooth dongle in addition to the rest - kind of a "SuperMouse".

This is a really excellent hack - Thanks for posting it.
liquidhandwash (author)  Trike Lover2 years ago
Hi trike lover
"smack-your-head-why-didn't I think of that" is exactly what I was aiming for. I should of called the instructable "SuperMouse" As soon as I read you comment I smacked-my-head-why-didn't I think of that.!
thanks for your feedback
payst2 years ago
This is really awesome !!! You could also add a usb bluetooth dongle inside there as well as they are very small and cheap. I got mine for 5 bucks including shipping. I know there is a max of 500mA to work with when the hub isn't powered.. What is the power consumption of each addon ?

The hub itself ..
Mouse ..
USB Internal Storage ..
Optional Bluetooth Dongle .
Open USB docking port .
liquidhandwash (author)  payst2 years ago
Hi payst
Im sure that will work, you could plug everything into the hub and check everything works before you start , thanks for the idea.
mpaknazar2 years ago
It's very cool, but would it work with wireless mice too?
Nah, I wouldn't think it would work with wireless mouses cause they are not connected by usb between the transmitter and the mouse.
liquidhandwash (author)  DavidNZ2 years ago
Hi David and mpaknazar it might be a good project, would need a wireless hub, if there is such a thing. getting it all inside a mouse would be an issue. good to see a kiwi on here!
The Arbiter2 years ago
This is a cool instructable,. Though, my answer to people not returning my drives in that I NEVER lend stuff like that. I probably would not put this in a mouse, but I can see a lot of fun n my future tearing down and rebuilding my keyboard! :)
liquidhandwash (author)  The Arbiter2 years ago
thanks the arbiter, can I call you "The" for short? :-)
Go put a holding patent on it before someone sees it and steals your idea. Microsoft used to make a natural keyboard that had two usb 1 plugs on it for mice etc. I don't think I've ever seen another product like that or yours.
liquidhandwash (author)  rfitzgerald12 years ago
thanks for your feed back
Not to down your project because it's great but if you don't want to carry a hub there are cables made usb one end and socket for usb other end which would solve the too close together problem, plug one into the extension cord which are available in several lengths and the second into the machine or even have two extension cords if it's still too close. Yeah it's another piece but smaller than a hub and cheaper too.
While I definitely understand the sentiment of keeping things simple for this project, I would like to note that you could get the hub significantly smaller if you were to trim down the circuit board more. Most of it is empty space to put the plugs on.

You might even be able to get it small enough to make the plug flush with the mouse.

Still, the end result of your project turned out very nice, and unlike many of the other commentors, I definitely see the use of this project.
liquidhandwash (author)  willrandship2 years ago
jedics2 years ago
while I couldnt deal with a usb stick sticking out of my mouse like that its a fine example of how stupid apple's usb design is, especially seeing they have refused to change it in all these years despite users complaints.
liquidhandwash (author)  jedics2 years ago
thanks for the feedback, generally the usb is only in the mouse to copy files, and I pull it out straight after, so it not in there long enough to become annoying. I have noticed that the silver macbooks usbs are even closer together than the white macs
WatAhh2 years ago
Very Nice!I Voted
liquidhandwash (author)  WatAhh2 years ago
thank you
farna2 years ago
Why are you reading Instructables if you're content to go out and buy something ready made? I guess if the keyboard with USB port is one you really like that's fine, but sometimes you have a favorite keyboard that has some other feature or just "feels right", but would be so much better with a handy USB port somewhere...
Datawolf2 years ago
Unplug the mouse.
Plug the USB hub.
Plug both mouse and key onto the hub.
U R Done.
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