Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients
• Mousetrap
• 1/4” diameter wooden dowel
• 2 eye screws that the dowel fits into (like McMaster #9496T27)
• 24" of monofilament (fishing line)
• 2 laser cut wheels (use template below, make yourself, or order from Ponoko.com.  I made these myself on Eyebeam's laser cutter  - one of the perks of being a resident!)
• Wooden paint stirring stick
• Ping pong ball
• Multi-tool with knife and file
• Duct tape

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vivekdutta4 years ago
how big does wheels have to be and how fat? does it matter how heavy the wheel is?
dustynrobots (author)  vivekdutta4 years ago
Excellent question. The CD size works well, and doesn't have to be thicker than that if you get get it on the shaft straight. Smaller wheels will spin faster but cover less ground, larger wheels will be slow starting but cover more ground. So if you're racing for speed over a short distance, small might work, if you're shooting for max distance, slightly larger wheels could work. Heavier wheels just have more inertia so will resist getting started, but once they are going will help keep your car rolling for longer. It really depends a lot on your surface too and the friction.
halberdear5 years ago
lol ingredients... Your making me hungry!