Step 5: calculating equilibrium

Knowing the values of a and b of the different mousetraps makes this step very easy.

1. negate b

2. divide by a

3. record the value

3. repeat for each mousetrap

*we will represent this value with the Greek letter theta � measured in radians
<p>This doesn&rsquo;t look like a simple project to handle but definitely creative enough to get those extra braincells working though. With creativity and a side dish of expertise in this field, nothing is impossible to achieve.</p>
Hello. I love ur instructable. I to am in science olympiad and want to know if you have any way to help me make my car go straight. Plese respond asap!! And thank you
I am in that moustrap competition! I'll see you watching in the audience while my friend and I accept our first place medals at nationals.
We'll see about that last part, our state competition is in two weeks. I hope you are a worthy adversary. I built another that was much better, but it's too soon to give out that information.

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