Mousing Atop Laptop





Introduction: Mousing Atop Laptop

The flat area in front of my laptop keyboard is a great mousepad.
I prefer it to any tablet, trackball, touchpad, or red button I've used.

My pals that have tried it agree that it's the best thing they've ever done, better than skydiving or getting married.

The mouse is a Micro Innovations Optical Travel Mouse PD905P I got at microcenter for $9 on sale. It has a self-retracting cord thingy. Any other small mouse would be as good. The flat cord on this one is good because it's easy to bend so it stays out of the way for typing. I just set the mouse to the right over the little speaker and the cord is out of the way.
This Toshiba laptop has a flat raised deck that's particularly good for mousing on.



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     That is the same laptop i Have

    I commend you for the idea, but I like the touchpad on my Acer Aspire better.

    I used to mouse like this on my Toshiba laptop, but then the paint started wearing off :(

    A friend uses his mouse like that, and just as you stated the paint wore off, i don't like it, but if it works for you it's cool

    try scoring and removing a little plastic, then replacing it with a chunk of mousepad?

    I do this all the time but I use a wireless mouse (small, about the size of a deck of cards) so the cord does not interfere with typing on the keyboard.

    We figured it out before I saw IBles ;)

    How does the mouse not get in the way when you're typing? I'm typing right now on my laptop and my right wrist is exactly where you put the mouse. You know what works just as well as a mouse pad? Uh, my leg, my belly, my couch my floor. i could go on but i wont. My point is you can use just about anything and its a hell of a lot more convenient that putting it on your laptop and having to move it out the way wherever you want to type.

    Maybe it looks dumb or obvious, but I bought 5 or six trackballs, tablets, etc. before figuring out this method. It works better for me than any of the others.


    Sorry, but I wouldn't really call this an instructable... It doesn't even have any steps