Picture of Moustache Glass Markers
These markers will help your guests identify their drinking glasses during parties(*), and the moustache shapes are sure to be a funny icebreaker.

In a hurry trying to find an idea for a quick, funny, last-minute present, I was inspired by the many moustache projects that can be found around here.

(*) Go green: instead of taking many disposable paper/plastic cups, reuse your drinkware!
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Step 1: Needed Things

Picture of Needed Things
Many kinds of plastic or wood can be used. Using black plastic can significantly speed-up this project.

I had some scrap Plexiglas leftover from another DIY project.

You will need:
  • 3mm thick plastic, or Plexiglas or plywood
  • paper glue
  • miniature clothespins (the smaller the better)
  • power- or hand- jigsaw
  • epoxy glue
  • black paint
  • sand paper, files

Step 2: Design, Print and Glue

Picture of Design, Print and Glue
Design your own moustaches or use the attached document.

You can use a vector drawing software (like Inkscape or OpenOffice.org Draw). Splines are fun to design moustaches.

Print and glue the design on the plastic.

Step 3: Cut, File and Sand Shapes

Picture of Cut, File and Sand Shapes
Cut the shapes.

Sand and file the sides until satisfied.

Step 4: Remove Paper and Paint Shapes

Picture of Remove Paper and Paint Shapes
Soak the shapes into water for a couple of minutes until the paper comes off.

Sand the surfaces if you intend to paint the pieces.

Clean and paint the pieces.

Step 5: Glue

Picture of Glue
Glue the pieces to the clothespins. Allow to cure completely.


Step 6: Use!

Picture of Use!
Clip the moustaches on any kind of drinkware, and sip with distinction!