Picture of Mouth Organ
How to make mouth organ from old markers

Step 1: What you need

Picture of what you need
minimum 8 markers

2 stick

fwjs286 years ago
ypu can also make 'em out of used tampons(the plastic kind)
leon0862 fwjs285 years ago
eww wtf wrong with you
I doubt they meant used tampons lol...
XD, i thought there was a lot of commotion from what i meant to say, i meant to say the tube part without the tampon, not a used one..ahahaha, i was wondering why everyone was so freaked out 
The plastic part probably won't be a great thing to use though because that's the "applicator."
fwjs28 leon08625 years ago
wtf is so normal with you?
Soupraok fwjs286 years ago
gross, your sick as hell. why would you even say that.
i agree, we all could have gone without knowing that.
Juklop Soupraok6 years ago
Probably because it's related to this Instructable. Hah.
fwjs28 Soupraok6 years ago
not rlly, well, if there not used i dont see any problem with that.....
sakabato7775 years ago
they are called pan pipes b.t.w.
Or actually pan flute. But anyways the sound of that was much better than I'd except from those markers. Great!
i just made one from old BIC pens
what is the yellow and black thing?
Maureclaire6 years ago
What do you close up the marker with ? Doesn't look like you put the top back on, right ? awesome idea ! Want to make it for my grandson !
Capt. Fat6 years ago
..........what the............. This iis different.
I used one and cut it little y little to get the right note, and use it to tune my guitar and sax
Techinically a mouth organ is a harmonica. Just saying.
well, it's both, though you see this kind of instrument called pan pipes more often than a mouth organ.
irinazcona6 years ago
nice video!
Evan6067 years ago
Its also called a pan flute which is wat its normally called
LinuxH4x0r7 years ago
Very nice! I don't think the lengths are right though.
rimar20007 years ago
Very nice, but lack to sharpen it. 7 mm are not the same for all the tubes.
Patrik7 years ago
Heh - cute idea. And very colorful as well. :-)

Note that for a more correct tuning, you wouldn't just add a fixed length to each pipe. Instead, the pipes should follow a geometric (aka exponential) progression. Each octave has pipes that are *half* as long as the previous octave. So if you started with a 20cm long marker for the lowest note, the note that is exactly one octave above that lowest note would require a 10 cm long pipe. The octave above that would require a 5cm long pipe, etc...

By the way, this is strictly speaking not a mouth organ, but a pan flute, named after Pan, the Greek god of shepherds (and... other things ;-)

A mouth organ (other than being a term for a harmonica) is an asian reed instruments, with a central air cavity, connected to a bunch of pipes played with the fingers - wonderful sound! Here are some examples: