Introduction: Mouth Watering Fall Off the Bone BBQ Ribs

Picture of Mouth Watering Fall Off the Bone BBQ Ribs

These ribs take a long time to slow cook, but the results are beyond finger licking good.

Things you will need:
Pork bareback ribs
Marinade of your choice (I prefer Stubbs)
BBQ sauce of your choice (I prefer Stubbs or Sweet Baby Rays)
Dish (Glass cake pan will work)
Aluminum foil
Brush to spread BBQ sauce
Gas or Charcoal Grill

Step 1: Marinade

Picture of Marinade

Put the ribs in shallow dish, meaty side down (can be glass, ceramic, whatever you have that that will fit the ribs in). Add your marinade. Then cover, and put into the fridge overnight.

Step 2: Pour Out Marinade

Picture of Pour Out Marinade

Pour out your marinade. You can leave a little of it in your dish to help add more flavor as you cook. However, I recommend that you don't leave all of your marinade in your dish.

Once you pour out your marinade re-cover with aluminum foil.

Step 3: Preheat Your Oven & Cook

Picture of Preheat Your Oven & Cook

Preheat your oven to 250°F

Place your covered ribs in the oven.

Now cook at 250°F for 3-4 hours. Set it and forget it. There is no need to do anything until your ready to BBQ.

Step 4: Time to BBQ!

Picture of Time to BBQ!

First prepare your grill. I prefer charcoal so that's what I am using.

The trick to charcoal grilling is to let your lighter fluid soak for a couple minutes.
Also, remember to allow your charcoal to turn white to almost white before grilling. It allows for a more even burn.

Step 5: Finish Off Your Ribs!

Picture of Finish Off Your Ribs!

After your charcoal has turned white to almost white it's time to start adding ribs and BBQ sauce.

First place your meat onto the grill (may already be falling off the bone so be careful).

Second add your favorite BBQ sauce spreading on in a nice even layer with a brush.
Cover up your grill and allow to cook for 10-15 minutes.

Third Flip meat and repeat by adding more BBQ sauce and cooking for 10-15 minutes.

Step 6: ENJOY!

Picture of ENJOY!

Now your ribs are done. Eat and Enjoy the mouth watering fall off the bone ribs you just made. It took awhile to make, but the satisfaction of eating them is well worth it. If you happen to have leftovers (which I doubt you will) you can make an amazing pulled pork sandwich. Enjoy!


BetsyFartBlossom (author)2013-07-27

O.k., I made these for my sweetie and he said they were terrific! His sister loved them too. They smelled wonderful. I didn't have any because I'm a vegetarian, but don't put my beliefs onto others. We had corn on the cob, baked beans and baked potatoes. A great meal for all:) It did take a long time to cook, and the kitchen smelled so good:) Thanks for the recipe.

BHub (author)BetsyFartBlossom2013-07-27

I'm glad they enjoyed them!

SpringRobin (author)2013-10-07

Ribs look awesome. I don't agree with others though to use a charcoal chimney instead of lighter fluid to light the BBQ

SpringRobin (author)SpringRobin2013-10-07

Sorry... I meant I DO agree to use a chimney starter..

SpringRobin (author)SpringRobin2013-10-07

for those who don't know a chimney looks like this.

seac (author)2013-08-11

have tried them today... and just one word comes to my mind when i have to describe the result... wonderfull... a great recipy, thanks for sharing and kind regards from austria

KevininC (author)2013-08-03

Just tried out your recipe. YUMMY!

BHub (author)KevininC2013-08-04

I'm glad you liked them!

Cheese Queen (author)2013-07-26

I congratulate you on remaining patient and polite to the annoying self-identified BBQ purists who know the *only PROPER way* to make ribs. Thank heaven we are allowed to make delicious food in all sorts of ways, without conforming to the Food Rules!

Yours look yummy and you made a good 'ible.

BHub (author)Cheese Queen2013-07-26

Thank you! I appreciate your comment very much!

danzo321 (author)2013-07-25

I put the ribs on one side (including the middle) and the coals off to the other side. Some put a drip-catcher pan under the ribs.

wblack3 (author)danzo3212013-07-26

Can do that, although I like the extra smoky flavour the burnt dripping gives!

danzo321 (author)wblack32013-07-26

reason: you don't want open flame beneath your ribs which comes with fat drooling onto live coals.

wblack3 (author)2013-07-26

Don't use softwood based kindling or charcoal: tastes terrible, unless you like creosote, and for your eyes to burn and water!

Nice hardwood charcoal, newspaper, blowtorch-style lighter (burns hot 'n blue) ideally on a swan-neck type extender.

Hey, after the charcoal is burning nice and cool, could even throw in some mesquite, oak, hickory chips that have been soaked for at least 24 hrs for a good smoky flavour.

wblack3 (author)wblack32013-07-26

Oh, and don't use coal. Nasty.

wblack3 (author)2013-07-26

121'C = 250'F

BHub (author)2013-07-25

I repeat....To all the BBQ Pit Masters with there recipes and techniques, you can make your own instructables. It's not that hard and people will get far more out of your tips and tricks. It will also allow you to show your skills instead of just talking about them. I appreciate the comments but I'm a visual learner.

mpbarry (author)2013-07-25

Prior to marinating the ribs, remove the "silver skin" on the bony side. This will allow the marinade and cooking flavors to penetrate the meat and will result in more tender ribs.

danzo321 (author)2013-07-25

I prefer a steel chimney lighter, uses up newspaper, no chemical smell or cost. BTW, lighter fluid = odorless paint thinner.

JMRaphael (author)2013-07-22

These look delicious! I assume they're safe to eat without doing the actual grilling, right?

BHub (author)JMRaphael2013-07-22

They cooked for 5 hours so yes they should be safe to eat without grilling. However, never having eaten them that way myself I would suggest that you finish them off at a higher temp in the oven. Like 375° for the last 15-20 minutes.

StuNutt (author)BHub2013-07-25

That's 375F - That is 195 (or call it 200) for a Celsius oven

BHub (author)StuNutt2013-07-25

375° F correct

JMRaphael (author)BHub2013-07-22

Wonderful! Thank you for the quick reply! I look forward to trying these out.

BHub (author)JMRaphael2013-07-22

You're very welcome! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

jredding (author)2013-07-25

You can cook this in reverse. After marinade, cook the ribs on the grill, just enough to get the char level you want. Then take the ribs, wrap in foil and cook 3 or 4 hours at 250 (this is really just 'braising'). This has the advantage that they don't fall apart on the grill, but they still fall apart at the end. Still stay nice and juicy, too.

dicaprio (author)2013-07-25

Just as in this recipe, I always precook ribs before grilling. They will be as you say "mouth watering fall off the bone ribs," Great, simple instructions.

gecko_girl3 (author)2013-07-25

I always slow cook my ribs in Coca Cola before putting them on the grill. The acids in the Coca Cola help tenderize the meat, especially if the membrane is still intact. It also sweetens the meat a bit for those that like a more honey BBQ flavor.

jodiwer (author)2013-07-25

Simple and I'm sure delicious. May I suggest - for a more authentic taste, trying adding soaked wood chips to the coals before grilling.

Sooney-Roo (author)2013-07-25

These look awesome, and I'm sure they taste as good as they look. Great Instructable. I use an electric smoker myself and cook ribs at 225°F until they fall off the bone. Don't let anyone kid you, good ribs will fall off the bone. No, they shouldn't be mushy, rubbery or overcooked, they should be tender, moist, flavorful and fall off the bone just like I'm sure yours do. After having fall off the bone ribs, I will no longer eat ribs that you have to tear shreds of tough meat from the bone. That's why I no longer eat at Famous Dave's, because they cook ribs so the meat is tight to the bone. They have told me so themselves. But they do have a great mac & cheese. BTW LARRYHARE72, that is an awesome quote. I will be using that one! Cheers!

onemoroni1 (author)2013-07-25

Just reading your instructable alone got my vote!

BHub (author)onemoroni12013-07-25


BHub (author)2013-07-25

To all the BBQ Pit Masters with there recipes and techniques, you can make your own instructables. It's not that hard and people will get far more out of your tips and tricks. It will also allow you to show your skills instead of just talking about them. I appreciate the comments but I'm a visual learner.

brian8t (author)2013-07-25

I'm sure this will make "good" ribs, but to get competition quality ribs, please use charcoal and no oven. slow cook via indirect charcoal. dry rub to start, sauce later on. and practice practice practice.

brian8t (author)brian8t2013-07-25

stop by Lowes and pick up some Sweet Rub O' Mine and Sweet Sauce O' Mine. you will not be disappointed. Lowes started selling rub and sauces in their BBQ section beginning of the year. No, I'm not a vendor of these products. I just have lots of years of experience.....

theboz1419 (author)2013-07-25

I could not even read all the steps to make these bbq ribs. Your instuctions should say how not to make them. 3-2-1 method works great for ribs. At 220* 3 hours of smoke, 2 hours of wrap(apple juice, butter, brown sugar) in tinfoil. And then unwraped for an additional 30 minutes to a hour to firm up the ribs and during this time to put the bbq sauce on being careful not to burn the sugar in bbq sauce. Never use lighter fluid. Get a chimney starter and use a few sheets of newspaper and a little vegetable oil to start coals. Does not matter how long you wait to grill or bbq, you still have residue from lighter fluid and the taste.

LeeFogle (author)2013-07-25

I love barbecued ribs but my husband doesn't even like them. These sound SOOOO good! Maybe I can make enough for me and grill him a hamburger.

ntitley (author)2013-07-25

Nice clear instructions and sounds fabulous. Just a small nit; most of the world uses Celsius rather than Fahrenheit, so it might be worth adding that important 'F' after the 250, when specifying the oven temperature. I know it's in the photo if you look carefully, but 250C is within the range of many ovens and 3 - 4 hours at 250C is going to give you "charred off the bone" rather than "fall off the bone".

BanjoTX (author)2013-07-25

Please don't use any type of lighter fluid or insta-light type of charcoal for your BBQ or grilling. Petro based fuels are not good for you Instead, use a charcoal chimney starter which REALLY works great and only requires paper to start.

mslaynie (author)2013-07-25

Holy cow (or should that be holy pig?), this looks AMAZING. I've been craving BBQ, I might have to have my husband do these. Thanks for the info!!

mcannon3 (author)2013-07-24


bbqbradley (author)2013-07-23

great post. I do something very close to this with the same results. I put a rub o. the ribs and let set over night. I then put in my pan some Apple cider vinegar, cover the pan and bake at 300, for 1hr. 30min.. Very tender now, then grill up with sauce. I did this last week and also couldn't get them off the Bbq. Thank again looks great.

BHub (author)bbqbradley2013-07-23


4wardthinkers (author)2013-07-22

Yum! I will have to try them out this summer.

alowishes (author)2013-07-21

My mouth is watering indeed. Look delicious!

jimmar57 (author)2013-07-21

These look tasty! The only problem I see is that you didn't make enough!!

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