Step 1: Good Oral Hygiene…

Is of course very important. However most mouthwashes have childproof tabs that require you squeeze the cap in the right way in order to open it. It's a little annoying though. I do not have kids in my house so I am comfortable using this hack.

Step 2: Bring Out the Dremel

A cut off wheel on medium speed will make quick work of this plastic.

Step 3: Done!

There we go. A "jail braked" mouthwash.
<p>I've been doing this for years. I am glad that I am not the only one. I used a utility knife. Another fun mouthwash hack is to mix the antiseptic with the Anti-cavity using a 50/50 mix. Then you get full coverage.</p>
<p>Read the ingredients label closely, I look for a composition which contains 21% or more alcohol, the main active ingredient. I then cut it 50/50 to a more palatable yet still potent rinse agent. Now that's how you hack mouthwash, a 2- fer money saver.</p><p>p.s. house brands are far cheaper than the &quot;designer&quot; brands to begin with and no less effective, compare labels.</p>
I use this hack myself, but I get my partner to just give it a big twist! Plastic strips right off. <br>Thanks for sharing :)

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