Introduction: Movable Paper Foam Lion

Picture of Movable Paper Foam Lion

Easy, cheap to make, all items from the Dollar Store
All you need is :
-Foam Paper (orange and yellow)
-a Roll of Two sided tape (to trace the circle for the body)
-Paper Fasteners
-Googly eyes
Optional Items
-Thin rectangular hole punch (to make the eye brows)
-Paper Fasteners

Step 1: Fur Around the Head

Picture of Fur Around the Head

Take the circle of tape tace it on the orange foam, than cut out little triangle around the outside to make the fur around the neck/head.

Step 2: Eye Piece and Mouth

Picture of Eye Piece and Mouth

Next cut out the part for the eyes and then cut out a  mouth/nose piece as shown to fit over top of the eyes and fur around the head. 

Step 3: Making the Face

Picture of Making the Face

Attach all of the pieces for the head, and add the googley eyes, eye brows, and use a normal hole punch but only cut a half of circle for the nose.
Draw the mouth as shown

Step 4: Body

Picture of Body

First is using the circle of tape tace out another circle, cut it out 

Step 5: Arms, Legs and Tail

Picture of Arms, Legs and Tail

Arms :
Cut out arms in the shape of a finger, attach with paper faseners, draw on fingers. X2
Legs :
Cut  out legs as shown below, attach with paper faseners. X2
Tail :
Cut out a thin, but not too thin line with a bend near one of the end, cut out a little bit of orange for the end of the tail.


Sara000100 (author)2012-03-03

thanks ! :)

ChrysN (author)2012-03-02

Cute lion!

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