This is a movable cart that I made that will reduce the sound from my shop vac. It will reduce the sound 7-8 decibels. I use this shop vac to suck up the saw dust when I'm using my power tools. Every power tool I have I add a hose and an area where I can attach the shop vac to, so that it will keep the table free and clear of dust so that you can see your lines and what you are working on.

To see a video of this cart then visit my you tube channel and check out me movable tool/vacuum/sound reduction cart.

Equipment Used:
  1.     Skill Saw
  2.     Drill
  3.     Pencil
  4.     Caulk Line
  5.     Measuring Tape
  6.     Box Cutter
  7.     Staple Gun

Materials Needed:
  1.     1 - 4'x8' Plywood
  2.     2 - 2"x4"x8' Lumber
  3.     Insulation
  4.     Padding
  5.     Carpet
  6.     4 - Casters
  7.     Screws
  8.     4 - 3/8" Lag Bolts
  9.     Tubing
  10.     Garbage Disposal Tail Piece
  11.     Zip Ties

Step 1: Building the Bottom Box

First you'll need to measure and mark out your walls to cut them out. You will need the front wall to measure 36" by 25 3/4". Next you will need to measure out the two side walls 22" by 32 3/4". Also you need to measure out the bottom of the box that will measure 22" by 32 1/2". Now there is still an angled wall behind the front wall that measures 23 1/2" by 32 1/2". Once all of the walls are cut out then you will need to cut out the 2"x4" to hold the walls together. You will need to cut out four 2"x4"x32", four 2"x4"x31 1/2" and four 2"x4"x15".

   On the right side of the wall that measures 22"x32 3/4" you will need to cut out a hole for your shop vac to come out the side. Also measure where the shop vac intake holes are and cut that out on the side of the wall, but make these holes slightly bigger than the shop vac holes to allow maximum air flow. Next take the second wall that is measured the same and measure out where the exhaust will be venting out and make those holes slightly bigger.

   Take the bottom plywood of the box and screw four of the  2"x4" to the edges. Next take both side walls and attach two 2"x4"x32" and line them up with the top of the walls and screw them together. There should be a gap from the bottom of the 2"x4"s and the bottom of the plywood. Now screw the side walls to the bottom plywood. Take one of the 2"x4"x31 1/2" and measure 8" down from the front of the side walls. This is where the top of the 2"x4" will be screwed to on both sides. Next repeat this step on the back side. Now take the front wall and mount it to the front of the box. Next take the 23 1/2 by 32 1/2 plywood and cut out two notches for the bottom that measure 1 3/4" high by 3 1/2" long. Next cut out two top corner notches that measure 1 3/4" high by 3 1/2" long. After you are done slide this piece against the front wall at an angle and screw it in.
Clever idea on the carpet.

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