This work is a movable fish pieced together with layers of plywood. Everything was done by hand with a bandsaw including the geared mechanisms. The fish can be taken apart to showcase the mechanism that moves the fins and tail, and can easily put back together. The body of the fish is held together partly by magnets. The length of the work is a little over two feet. 
<p>Almost made it into my <em>&quot;Got Wood?&quot; - wooden gadgets</em> collection, but it lacks instruction. Too bad.</p>
Spectacular project! But, do you have any instructions on it? I can't find any
Back in the good old days people would figure out how to replicate an object by measuring know lengths and using some simple math to figure out the sizes of the parts. <br> <br>If the whole fish is about 2 feet then it looks like the body is about half that length...
Looks awesome and intriguing. Where can I get the plans?????? <br>
Looks awesome and intriguing. Where can I get the plans?????? <br>
Looks awesome and intriguing. Where can I get the plans?????? <br>
Looks awesome and intriguing. Where can I get the plans?????? <br>
Any chance of seeing it in action? How about a movie? Congratulations on being &quot;Featured.&quot;
Fantastic! <br>
I have been under the impression that &quot;Instructables&quot; should have <em><strong>INSTRUCTIONS !</strong></em>
How about the plan or at least some dimensions, It is really cool would be better if you used hard wood. =8')
It is fantastic but give me step by step instructions
Absolutly Awesome. I am going to give this a go. Love it!
Gosh !!! what a beautiful fish you've made !!! As Kiteman, i want to ask you for templates and make it for my little girl... ( and sorry for my english, i'm frenchy).<br> <br> <a href="http://bensifone.blog4ever.com" rel="nofollow">bensifone.blog4ever.com</a>
Very innovative and creative! great job! This piece will most likely spur many more examples of kinetic art. You've got MY vote!
Well done! <br>What's next? <br>A watch?
I really love this. Beautiful work and totally echo the request for a template.
That is intricate! And magnets--yes please! You're a girl after my own kin. Very well done.
WOW!! <br> <br>amazing detail work. <br>
This is amazing. I would love to have a pattern!!
That's pretty neat. I'd love to see one done in clear acrylic, or tinted/painted but still transparent.
It does look stunning! I'd love to see it in action. Can you upload a movie? <br>Do you have any photos of it being made? <br>(Japanese Fighting Fish?)
<em>By hand??</em> <br> <br>Wow, excellent job! <br> <br><sub>(I don't suppose you have templates for other people to use?)</sub>

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